Zing Your Affirmations With These Three Strategies

Episode 3

Zing Your Affirmations: Introduction

Zing your affirmations. Bring them to life. Breathe fire into them. 

If you are putting yourself to sleep while you read your affirmations you need to shake it up. 

Modulate your voice. Read as if it’s the first time you’ve ever said them. 

Use passion words.

Visualize through photos and post-it notes in critical places.

This is a new thought. Sing them.

In the video below I share the 5 main life areas where affirmations can play a part in creating that life of magic, joy, and purpose most of us seek.

I will summarize below the video.

Here’s what one attendee said after watching the video. 

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Below is a video from a Facebook Live I did recently. In it, I talk about the 3 Keys or Strategies to Zing Your Affirmations. I go live on my Facebook Page every Wednesday at 2 PM Eastern. I’ve posted the link below in the show notes. 

Summary of Zing Your Affirmations

 Affirmations can be used in any area of your life. In the video, I talk about these 5 general areas of life we can create affirmations for. This is the list Jay Shetty talks about in his circle of life, but I have seen other teachers refer to 10 or more areas.

I like these because they keep everything relatively ordered and easy to work with.

  1. Personal
  2. Family and friends and local family connected by deeper ties than just blood.
  3. Work and Financial
  4. Health and Lifestyle
  5. Spirituality

Within those wide categories, you can find and areas you would like to be more positive about. 

As an example: You feel you’re not having the meaningful conversations with your friends that you would like. So you might create affirmations like these in the example.

I am thrilled to be developing a new and deeper relationship with my friends.

I am finding the courage to be open and more vulnerable with my friends. I love the change this is creating in my life.

(That’s just a couple of ideas.)

Now all you have to do is use my three strategies to add zing to your affirmations.

Mean them: So don’t just blandly read a rote list of affirmations. Say them like you mean them. Modulate your voice, your tone, your emphasis. Read them like it’s the first time you’ve ever read them. 

Feel them: Add an emotional or inspirational word to your affirmations to give them spark and passion. Visualize or imagine how you feel about your affirmation.  Can you feel joy, freedom, gratitude, abundance as you read them?

Believe them. This is where it’s important to say them over and over as often as you can, out loud if you can. We are retaining our mind away from our automatic, unconscious negativity to a more positive mindset. The more your brain hears your affirmation the more it will believe them. 

How old are you? Minus the first couple of years of your life and that is how long you’ve been training your mind with your negative affirmation.

Recognize this isn’t a quick fix. You need patience and consistency to change that mindset. But once you get momentum going watch out!

“Being positive doesn’t mean you don’t ever have negative thoughts. It just means you don’t let those thoughts control your life.”

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