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Introduction: Your Self-Worth is Not a Financial Formula

What is self-worth, anyway? To find out, answer this question: How much would you say you’re worth? The answer is your self-worth or the value you place on yourself. Just like anything of value, the self can fluctuate up and down in worth for any number of reasons!

Even though you have your ups and downs, there are ways you can increase your self-worth each and every day.

We all have value, whether we believe it or not. This value comes from our very existence, as well as our own set of skills, talents, ideas, and strengths.

Your sense of self-worth is  critical for your  ability to heal

Healing cannot occur if we do not accept our worthiness–that we are worth healing, even if doing so might shake up our view of the world and how we interact with others. Source: Mario Martinez

Unfortunately, we often think of self-worth in terms of net-worth as assessed by the bank. This is a formula based on your assets and liabilities. 

But your self-worth isn’t a simple measure of external numbers but a deep dive into how you value yourself. 

In this post, we   suggest some ways to increase your sense of  self-worth.

Mostly we are talking about action steps you can take immediately to alter the equation in your mind that devalues you.

These actions work on a deep subconscious level changing the precepts of your self-image.

Rediscovered your self-worth. It’s always been there. That higher intelligence within you has always known your full value.



 A Quick Review

Grapjic for all the elements of self love

I want to show you this visual because it is critical to what we are doing here in this 6 part series on self-love.


The graphic clearly shows the inter-relationship between all the different aspects of self-love.

This is the Buddhist concept of Interbeing. The idea is that when you work on one aspect of self-love you are actually working on them all.

So any increase in awareness in one aspect increases that awareness in all aspects.

You don’t have to follow every suggestion here. The idea is to find ones that align with your personal experience and use those.



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Video Blog on Self-Worth

We took a different approach this week and cover the subject in a webinar format.

I believe this gives you the best opportunity to actually absorb the material, think about it, question it, and then find ways to put into practice the suggestions that offer you the best self-worth growth.


How to Get Your Strengths Assessment

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