Self-Awareness Introduction

Self-awareness is the ability to see and understand yourself clearly and objectively.

The key here is objective. To see oneself as you truly take courage and the ability to confront the dark corners and to be honest with yourself.

Only then can you is self-love possible.

You learn to understand your habits, likes, dislikes, the way you view the world, and your needs. You know what you want in life and have an understanding of your emotional responses.  

“Knowing yourself is life’s eternal homework.”
Source: Felicia Day

That’s right it’s not the work of an evening it is the work of a lifetime. But it is a journey and the more you look within yourself the deep your ability to love yourself will become.

The Six Elements of Self-Love and Interbeing

Graphic for all the elements of self love including self-esteem

Interbeing is a Buddhist idea that when you work on one element of self you work on all elements.

In this example, by working in this area we work in all the other areas as well and thus build our ability to love-ourselves

Our overall goal in writing this series of blog posts is to help you feel more comfortable with the subject of self-love and appreciate yourself more in spite of all your flaws. 

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Getting to Know You

Self-awareness includes knowledge of:

  • Your desires
  • Your values
  • Your strengths
  • Your weaknesses
  • Your habits
  • Your traits
  • Your feelings

Can Be Scary Like This

I hope this made you laugh a little bit and take the edge off the seriousness of the subject.

Ideas for Deeper Self-Awareness or Taking the Mystery Out of Knowing Yourself

Start Journaling

Photo for Self-Awareness article

The best way to go deeper into an exploration of yourself is Journaling. 

  1. This is a powerful tool for learning about yourself. Spend 15 minutes each evening recording your life. List the meaningful things that happened that day. Include your challenges and what you think caused them. Ask yourself:

Notice we are talking about a small step every night. Unless you want to go on an all-night marathon. That is your choice. However, small steps tend to be more effective in the long run.

The Scale of Understanding (4 is the top of the scale.)

4. Understanding how to apply what you learn, Being able to apply knowledge. Practical application.

3. Understand how to make knowledge practical. Going beyond just theory and appreciation.

2. Meaningful. Knowing the knowledge has meaning for you

1 Theoretical understanding only. No appreciation for that knowledge no wish to figure out how to make it practical, and no ability to apply that knowledge to your life.

Below are six areas for your journaling practice. 

Asking the questions and writing about your thoughts and feeling get you up to 3 on the understanding scale.

Then ask yourself how you can apply that newfound awareness in your life brings you to a level of ability and self-awareness uncommon in our time.


6  Areas for Self-Awareness Exploration:

Evaluate Your Successes and Failures

This can be great material for your journal. Your successes and failures tell you a lot about yourself. Why were you successful? How did those successes make you feel? What did you do after a success?

Examine Your Likes and Dislikes

Do you like team sports or individual sports? Do you like skydiving or playing poker? What types of people do you like and dislike? The activities and people you enjoy or avoid can give you a peek into your psyche.


List Your Values

If you’ve never thought about it, you might not have a firm grasp on your values. What’s important to you? List all the values that appeal to you and examine whether or not you live your life according to those values.  Use Our Core Value Assessment Tool

Ask a Good Friend

Your friends know you better than you think. Ask a close friend to describe you honestly. Ask them to list your strengths and weaknesses. Ask them what they think are your best and worst traits. Encourage them to be honest.


How Do You Like to Spend Your Time?

How do you like to spend your free time? Do you prefer to be alone or in a crowd? Do you like to stay home or go out? What are your hobbies?


What Do You Avoid?

Do you avoid daredevil situations? Snobby people? Loud music? Cultural activities? What are the things you can’t stand to have in your life? Why?

Go deeper with these 5 Self awareness affirmations.

I accept all of myself with love and non-judgement.

I spend time everyday in solitude and self-reflection.

Each day I see my true self shinning brighter.

I am a fearless seeker of my own internal truth.

I am living in a spectacular space of my own creating filled with vibrant colors that  sparkle with the deep personal insights I uncover every day

Self-Awareness Conclusion

Self-awareness is one of the most important things you can possess. The key to enhancing your life is grounded in self-awareness. Self-awareness is important to setting goals and creating the life you would most enjoy.

Most of us are pretty good at figuring out what makes a friend or family member tick. It’s much more challenging to develop the same understanding of yourself.

You spend so much time with yourself, it would be a shame not to have a high degree of understanding of yourself.

Don’t forget to make the process fun and offer yourself a reward for all the hard work. 

Remember the guy in the video above. 

It’s really not that scary.

With Love and Understanding



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