Welcoming Emotions: Affirmations and Meditation

Introduction to Welcoming Emotions

Welcoming emotions we don’t want to deal with or think we shouldn’t be having is difficult.

We know that anger, jealousy, and resentment are frowned upon. We’ve been trained to suppress those feelings and not let them out.

However, harboring festering emotions is a recipe for anxiety and depression. Under pressure, these emotions could balloon out of us and inflict harm to others as well.

Welcoming emotions seems counterintuitive. Yet when we welcome our feelings and take time to calmly look at them, accept them and release them, we create a healthy environment for ourselves and our friends and family.

Accepting doesn’t mean indulging your emotions but developing a deeper understanding of them to release rather than react.
This blog post uses two tried techniques to double up the power of learning to deal with our emotions calmly.

As we use these tools, we crank up our inner transformation. We e free to live our legendary lives.

Watch the 20 Positive Affirmations for Welcoming Emotions first. Then do the meditation.

We also include a download of the affirmations to expand your practice.

Now before I go on you might be interested in my Be Inspired page where you will find my Sunday Affirmations each week. Click on the button below and give us a thumbs up to join other Be-Inspired Enthusiasts.

20 Positive Affirmations for Welcoming Emotions

Creating Your Postive Affirmations Index Cards

The video describes a method of using the affirmtions in the fornm of a card deck. Use the form below to get your copy of the 20 affirmations so you can duplicate this method. 

Welcome Emotions: Guided Meditation

Next Steps

Step one: Watch the 20 Positive Affirmations Video.

Step Two: Download the affirmations and create your affirmation cards.

Directions for created your own affirmations card deck.

Step Three: Do the ten-minute meditation

Finally, to go deeper into where emotions come from and how to work with them read Living Untethered.


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