Use These Magical Affirmations to Retrain Your Mind

Introduction to Magical Affirmations

Using magical affirmations helps set up new positive pathways in your brain. 

Over our lifetime we have dug neural pathways that we can follow from habit because they are clearly marked and worn smooth by constant use. These are usually negative pathways.  The way we’ve been trained to think about our lives from the accumulation of our own thoughts reinforced by a parents, family members, and friends.

Affirmations are a positive statement about ourselves designed to get us to create and use new more positive ways of thinking about ourselves and our abilities.

They are not a total solution. However, they are a powerful tool used together with other powerful reframing tools they can completely change a life. Your life.

In my article “How to Create Powerful Positive “I AM” Affirmations  I talk about how to create your own and how to use them.

In this article, you will find ten of the most popular magical affirmations from our FaceBook Page Be-Inspired 

Keys to Success with Affirmations

The way to make these affirmations magical is to USE them.

The best practice is to pick one that resonates with you, speak it out loud three times, and then keep it with you and repeat it a least three times during the day–lunch, supper, bedtime. Use a different one each day or use the same one for a week.

I’ve created a simple download sheet with just the text versions of the affirmations. I will post the link at the end of this article.

Okay now let’s get started. 


#1 I Am Honoring Myself Today

I am honoring myself today as I relax and enjoy this quiet time without guilt or feeling pressured to be more than I am in this moment.

#2 I Am Focused on Accepting

I am focused on accepting the guidance and wisdom of source energy flowing through me right now. I am aligning with my abundance, courage, and fearlessness so that I may live my best life.

#3 Today I See Clearly

Today I see clearly now a positive mind leads to a positive life. I am committed to charting a course that enriches the lives of those around me. I train myself to live in love, sacrifice, and peace. 

#4 I Am Expressing My Thanks

 I am expressing my thanks. I tell others about the positive difference they make in my life. I return favors with my own acts of kindness or look for ways to pay them forward. 

#5 I Am Living In this Beautiful Present Moment

 I am loving in this beautiful present moment where I am aware of my divine potential to be all that I can be with courage, passion, and joy. 

#6 I Am Living In this Beautiful Present Moment

This week I am affirming the joy I feel as I do those things that are mine alone to do. And I am seeing my goals come true every single day.

#7 I Am Grateful for the Wisdom

I am grateful for the wisdom of all the people I meet because they can teach me something new about myself and help be a better person. I always look for the gifts in every encounter.

#8 I Am Strong

I am strong, resilient, and resourceful and able to overcome obstacles in my life with calm, reasoned action.

#9 I Am In the Flow

Affirmation over picture

I am in the flow of the universe that brings me all I need when I am ready to receive it. 

#10 I Am Facing My Fears

I am facing my fears every day by turning toward them. Every time I do this I know I am growing stronger and they are growing weaker. I look forward to my fearless future and leave behind the fearful past. 


Using magical affirmation can go a long way to changing your mindset and your life. 

The ten affirmations here are designed to help you get comfortable using this tool. 

Let any skill the more you practice with affirmations the more success you will feel and the more creative you will get in using them.

Below is a link where you can download a printer-friendly copy. You can take the whole sheet with you or cut each one out and tuck it in your wallet for quick reference.

The two words, “I AM” are powerful statements. Use them only in the positive. 

Work on eliminating from your vocabulary negative “I AM” statements.

After you’ve read all the affirmations in this post please let me know in the comment section below which one is your favorite 

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