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Unconditional Self-Love As A New Idea

The term Unconditional self-love came to me after I made the audio explaining how we tend to put conditions on states of being like happiness. . I will be happen when I loose ten pounds. Or will love-myself after I get my nose fixed. You get the idea. We put conditions that have to occur before the state of happiness or self-love. 

Exercises and Affirmations for Unconditional Self-Love

The transcript of the podcast is included below. But the exercises and affirmations are included in the six posts in the Self-Love blogging series. 

I’ve listed them all here for your convenience. 

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The Transcript of Unconditional Self-Love

Hello, Nick Grimshawe here from Beautiful Summer Morning, and today we’re on another episode of Speaking Meditation, which is my podcast. Now, this is kind of sneaky. I’ve done two other audios that sort of became a podcast, sneakily.

And now I’ve decided to call the podcast Speaking Meditations, because basically I’m going to be talking about the things that are coming up for me and how I’m dealing with them. And hopefully going forward, maybe we’ll talk to some of my students about what’s coming up for them in their lives and chat about that. And today I just wanted to talk about because I’m really excited that I’ve finally launched all six of my self-love blog posts altogether.

Unconditional Self-Love

And it was quite an undertaking because I had to rescue them after my site got hacked and moved my site to a new hosting platform. Now that everything’s run smoothly, I’ve been able to sit down and work through all of those posts and then interlink them all so that if you visit one, you visit them all. But I wanted to talk about self-love this morning because something happened yesterday that really kind of brought home how difficult it is for us to love ourselves in our day and age with Instagram reels and all the flashy commercials and professional photography and makeup artists making you look amazing.

So I was in a drug store close by here, local drug store, yesterday afternoon, and I was perusing through the magazine rack. And there’s like, if you’re famous now, you get your own magazine and your own magazine cover, and you’re staring out at all the people who are looking and perusing like myself, the magazine rack. And I was just doing, I was looking for personal development, self-growth magazines, but I happened to be noticing all these celebrities on these magazines.

And it got me thinking, and I was envisioning, and here goes Ego, I was envisioning myself on one of those covers. And I realized that you don’t just get your picture taken when you’re having your picture taken for a cover, you go in and you have a makeup session, and they make you look amazing covering your real identity up with a lot of makeup and making you look amazing. You look like really good and flawless skin and hiding your wrinkles and all that sort of thing.

Unconditional Self-Love isn't about what the photographer captures.And then you get photographed by a professional photographer who then touches up what he’s done to make you look even more flawless and even more beautiful. And so by the time your picture gets on the cover, and I’m imagining my picture on the cover of this magazine, and I’m looking at myself and going, Who is that guy? Who is that guy staring out at me? You’re unrecognizable. And it’s not reality.

And we look at these images as they flash by, Instagram reels and all of those other things that we look at, that’s part of social media, all the commercials, all the magazine covers where all these flawless people are staring out of us. And we get to think that we are imperfect, that it’s not easy to love ourselves the way we are. We want to love ourselves the way somebody else looks.

If only I had, for a woman, if only I had curly hair like her, or if only my curly hair was straight. I hear that all the time. Or for a guy, if only I had a six pack, or if only my pectorals were stronger, more prominent, and if only I had those muscles in my arms, then I could love myself.

Then I could love myself. So we’re chasing an illusion to love instead of loving what is real within us. And that’s difficult. That’s what I’m calling unconditional self-love.

I believe in this society, in our society, which is driven by social media, we want to look like the images, and we want to have the same kind of lifestyle, right? But you see some guy standing in front of a big mansion, he’s talking about all the money he makes. You don’t know if that’s really his house, right? You have to take his word for it. So, you know, we have to stop with the trying to get something before we can find happiness, or we have to lose 10 pounds before we can be happy.

Or we have to have an expensive facelift, or tummy tuck, or whatever it is, before we can love ourselves. And it’s backwards, because statistics show that even after people get their facelifts and so on, and they look, they’re still seeing the same image. And they’re still not happy with what they’re seeing.

So it’s all backwards. Everything that we’re doing is backwards. If only I could have that something, then I would be whatever is the thing you would like to be.

Really, it should be, I am happy and satisfied with everything that I have, that I am right now in this moment. That is beauty. That is my beauty.

That is my uniqueness. That is the way I’m expressing myself in the world. And therefore, I can love what is already here, all my flaws and imperfections.

And I think that’s a song somewhere coming to my mind. But really, it’s about loving as we are right now in this moment, that self love. And it is a challenge. That is unconditional self-love.

And my six part series is all about tips and ideas and different aspects. And I talk about six different aspects of self love. So I’ll put a link down to one of those blog posts.

If you’re interested, and you can click through and you can then follow through the series because every article has the links to all the other articles. And I hope you take a moment to look through them. But even so, even if you don’t do that, remember to stop looking to love and illusion.

And love what is already really there. And that is where self love comes through. And that is when the negativity and your negative image begins to fade and you begin to love who you truly are.

Thank you for listening. Have an awesome day. And always remember to dream hugely big and live really inspired.

Thank you.

I have belatedly rename the title Unconditional Self-Love. 

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