The Mind Diet Problem: The Four Tools You Need

Introduction To The Mind Diet Problem

The mind diet problem is my idea of how to create some curiosity and I hope it worked. 

I have a really big insight to share with you that came from a quote that I saw earlier this week.

I want to talk about this because when I heard this quote, it suddenly made sense about why we struggle with our personal and spiritual growth.

What is it that holds us back from really making progress towards that life we’re dreaming of?

What is that barrier? 

When I saw hear the quote I went okay then what is the solution to this mind diet problem?

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 Ok, now that we have that squared away let’s jump right into The Mind Diet Problem 

The Quote Responsible for This Video

You're only scared because you can measure what you will lose. You can't see what you will gain.

The Four Tools You Need to Use to Help Your Mind See What It Will Gain.

 I go into detail about the quote and the solution in the video so I urge you to take the time to listen to the video

I just want to mention what the four tools are here as a summary.


Once we become aware of something, in this case, the gap between the mind knowing what it is losing and not being able to see what it’s gaining, we can take steps to resolve the situation. 

We understand why we struggle with personal and spiritual growth and we can apply our tools to overcome that barrier.


Writing and using positive affirmations about what we are gaining using powerful words and actions, help close the gap,

In the video, I say that affirmations are so powerful because, in essence, they speak the truth about our true authentic selves.


Anything we can do to give our affirmations more clarity more visibility allows the mind to bridge that gap between loss and gain, 

Create a mental picture in your mind of your affirmation.

Find photos to match your affirmations: a type of vision board,

I use a digital vision board that helps me create videos of all my goals. 

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Intention is our commitment to stay with it and get the thing done. Our will power if you will. Plain old grit and determination.
But that task is made easier if we use these four tools together to bridge the gap between what the mind knows it will lose, and what it doesn’t know it will gain.
It’s our job to help the mind cross that gap,

In Closing

We can overcome anything if we become aware of it. Just like the mind diet problem. Once we know it’s there we can find the tools to help us resolve the situation.

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