The Consistency Habit Introduction

The consistency habit is a superpower design to help you achieve your desire to live an inspired life.

Consistency isn’t about intense efforts or complicated plans of action.

Consistency is about small actions taken every day.
Our guiding motto here is: consistency of action equals certainty of results.

Without consistency even the most effective tools are powerless.

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The Consistency Habit Tip #1Get Clear on Your Why.

If you don’t understand why you are doing something, then getting consistent at doing it is nearly impossible.

For example: Why do you want to use affirmations daily?

What is your why?

Well because using affirmations are important in retaining your brain to think more positively. Why? Positive people live longer and have more productive lives. Why is that important to you? Because you dream of hiking all over the world when you retire. A positive mindset is critical for maintaining a daily health routine. When you pack your gear to go hiking, you will be fit and able to take on the challenge.

Now you have a “why” to do those affirmations consistently every day.

I am focusing on maintaining my positive mindset with the clear intention of living a healthy and long life. I am seeing myself walking the Camino trail in Spain filled with vital energy and in awe of the adventure.

Consistency Tip #2 Consistency Trumps Intensity

One of the common misconceptions is that intensity will get you there. You see this all the time. People get very enthusiastic and committed to a new exercise regimen or a new coaching system. They go all in. A few days later, the enthusiasm wanes, commitments whither. And progress stalls out.

On the other hand, committing to do one small action every day doesn’t take nearly as much energy as an all-out assault on your body.

Small actions like:

Saying your top affirmations every morning.
Writing in your gratitude journal.
Doing a simple mindfulness exercise.
Meditating for ten minutes.

Moral. Go small. Create small wins. Train your brain not to strain.

I am amazingly consistent. I happily stick to my morning practice. I  know each step forward, no matter how small, moves me closer to living my ideal life. I feel the positive changes in me every day.

Consistency Habit# 3. Getting Back On the Horse

Perfect is an absolute not available in the physical universe. As the saying goes, shit happens. We get thrown off our routine. We get overwhelmed by the whims of fortune. We will fall from grace.

It’s important to recognize this fact. The horse occasionally throws even the best rider. Tour de France athletes fall off their bikes many more times than you or me.

The trick is to dust yourself off, attend to your injuries, and then get back on the horse, the bike, or the consistent routine.

I choose to get back up each time I fall. I choose to push through obstacles. I choose to stay focused on my path. All those who have gone before me inspire me to believe I am as worthy and as capable as anyone else. I am a champion.

Consistency Tip # 4 Ignore Your Inner Doubting Thomas and Your Outer Skeptics

Doing the work, forming the habit of consistency, and using the tools daily is difficult enough.


But we often find ourselves listening to the doubts in our head and the cynics in our environment. These voices try to pull us off course in a plethora of ways.

To remain consistent and focused on our why for seeking a more rewarding and fulfilling life, we need to ignore these voices.

Science has firmly come down on the side of tools like affirmations, gratitude, mindfulness, and meditations.

Scientific journals outline the health benefits gained by the consistent use of these tools.

Books like: Think Like a Monk: Train Your Mind for Peace and Purpose Every Day by Jay Shetty, or Becoming Supernatural: How Common People Are Doing the Uncommon by Joe Dispenza, or Gratitude Works by Robert Emmons site study after study to back up their recommended practices.

Again affirmations are one of the best tools to counteract these voices.

I choose to get back up each time I fall. I choose to push through obstacles. I choose to stay focused on my path. All those who have gone before me inspire me to believe I am as worthy and as capable as anyone else. I am a champion.


The Consistency habit is our secret sauce for success.

The four tips with covered are:

Know Your Why

Consistency over Intensity

Get Back on the Horse

Ignore the Inner Doubting Thomas


Remember our mantra?

Consistency of action equals certainty of result.

Stay consistent. Taking small steps every day brings the results you seek.

Stay the course and the doorway into that summer land, the land of magic and miracles will open wide for you. And show you all the vast possibilities that have always resided inside of you.

© 2021 Nicholas Grimshawe


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