Introdution to Simple Happiness Habits

Photo of a woman as an example of HappinessSimple happiness habits refer to activities we can do to enhance our feeling of well-being. None of my suggestions work if you don’t recognize happiness as inherent within you.

Your current circumstances, especially your state of mind, may preclude a sense of happiness that lives within you.

Michael Singer in Live Untethered said: “There is a state within us that is always filled with love and a sense of happiness.”

In other words, happiness is part of our internal makeup though we may, forget it is part of our inherence as spiritual beings.
Therefore, all anyone can do is facilitate or enhance what is inside.
As I researched for this article, I noticed post titles that used terms like these:
Can Your Force Happiness?
Have Companies Forgotten How to Make Employees Happy (my favorite)?
How to Make Other People Happy.

We often mistakenly feel that we can make ourselves happy by eating ice cream, buying a new car, redecorating our room, or purchasing the latest version of the I-phone.

We call this transient happiness. It doesn’t last. Soon we need more ice cream, maybe with two scoops instead of one. We become dissatisfied with our new car and begin to eye other models we like better.

The reason I am taking the time to make this point?
When I talk about simple happiness habits, I intend to enhance or facilitate the happiness within you right now.

If you come to this article to use it to make yourself happier, you need to start by changing your mindset from a negative one to a positive one.

Finally, these are my simple happiness habits. I hope to inspire you to create your own list of happiness habits and learn how to combine them into a single experience called happiness stacking.

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My Top Ten Happiness Habits.

1. Coffee!

Oh, what a shallow man I am. It may seem trivial to put coffee at the top of my simple happiness habits list but I have a good reason. 

I am two hours into my day when I get my first sip of coffee around 7 AM. It is my first reward for being disciplined enough to get up at 5 AM and do some stretching exercises for about five minutes. 

I then jump. no better say, gingerly step into the cold shower.  (This isn’t discipline. Unless you live in the swankier neighborhoods of Panama most houses do not have hot water.) After the shower, I go and meditate. 

Therefore, by the time I have my outside office set up, and make the coffee I am ready for that first delicious sip. 

Part of this blissful habit comes from using Panamanian coffee which is the best in the world. 

But the big reason coffee comes number one on my list is I stack 2 of my other happiness habits on top of sipping coffee. My mentor Matt Ragland calls it happiness stacking where you combine a number of happy enhancing habits into one experience. 

While I am sipping, and inhaling my coffee, I am also reading, habit number two, and journaling number three.

What would you put at the top of your simple happiness habits?

2. Reading

Reading, for me, is a simple happiness habit quadrupled. I have my mum to thank for this happiness and passion. I never saw my mum without a book. Quite often, the book was perched on her lab while she knitted.

As a kid, I loved escaping on incredible adventures. H. Rider Haggard and King Solomon’s Mines, Robinson Crusoe, Treasure Island. Later I fell in love with Science Fiction and read everything I could get my hands on. 

I scraped together money to buy a subscription to several Science Fiction Magazine. They left me starry-eyed and wanting more.

My reading evolved over the years. I believe in the serendipity that comes from reading several different books together.

I love the magic when the dots connect between totally different books.

I happiness stack by sipping coffee and reading. This is my happy place.

Any pursuit of inner transformation is made simpler by a reading habit. If books are a challenge, try audiobooks.

Do you have a simple happiness habits around reading?

3. Journaling

Stay Tuned for More on Journaling

Journaling is such a huge subject for  all those on a journey of inner transformation. That we will be exploring the topiic in more detail soon. Meanwhile, take a look at this article:


 Journaling helps me explore deeper into my inner workings: as messy as that may sound, I’ve been at it on an almost daily routine for over 17 years.  

The book (see how closely linked these simple happiness habits are) that kicked off journaling for me was How to Think Like Leonardo da  Vinci  by Michael J Gelb.

Da Vinci was a lifelong journal keeper. These journals testify to the observational skills that made him a great inventor, artist, and scientist. 

One of my major takeaways from the book was about the importance of sketching to sharpen your observation skills. 

Sketching is one of the activities I do when I journal. At first, it was really uncomfortable. I still habored all the disdain of my grade school teachers who lamented that I would never make a living from art. 

It took an epiphany about taking other people’s judgments as your own. It doesn’t matter what your sketch looks like, just that you learned something from the way you observed an object to get some form onto paper. 

Journaling helps us understand our emotions and our feelings as we continue to peel off the layers of not-us to get down to our true selves.

I love my journaling habit. I combine it with my reading (I can Journal about thoughts that come up from what I am reading) and the ritual of sipping coffee.They go together naturally. 

Do you do any form of journaling? What simple happiness habits would you put as number 3? What would you combine it with?

4. Exercise

You might wonder how exercise has any happiness in it. LOL. However, it is hard for your natural joy to bubble up from inside if you feel out-of-shape and lack energy or enthusiasm.

This doesn’t mean you have to run marathons or spend hours in a gym.
Recent research has shown that a brisk thirty-minute walk is beneficial to health. Too me that is the epiphany of a simple happiness habit.

Walking is my favorite exercise habit. From the time my granddad took to be by the hand and tracked me down old English Country Lanes and over fields and over dales, I have loved walking.

My usual routine is to head out after my coffee/reading/journaling happiness habit.

I aim for 4 to 5 kilometers each day. And I happily stack this with my next happiness habit: being outdoors.


5. Enjoying the Outdoors


I reside in Panama for about six months out of the year. My reason?. Canadian winters often confine you inside your house.

I am happiest when I am outside.

The house I have in David, Panama, has a covered patio and a small open-air garden.

My office, as you can see in the photo, is outside.

From7 AM to 7 PM and even later in the summer (December, January, February, and March) to 9 or 10 PM, I live outside. I take all my meals on the patio.

I do my morning routine out here.

On Thursdays, my free day, I head up into the mountains at 6.30 AM and spend my day blissfully walking in the mountains. I enjoy coffee in Cafes with outdoor patios.

On Sundays, during the dry season, we head for a 12 k walk on the beach. See! Stacking simple happiness habits together means you can do more of them in less time. 

You get the idea.

That internal happiness bubbles up like crazy.

Right now, as I write. I am sitting in my outdoor offices, listening to the birds: and my chimes and feeling the fresh breeze cooling my skin.
What simple happiness habit does that for you?

Look deep into nature and you will understand everything better.

Source: Albert Einstein

6. Solitude Meditation and Prayer

 Solitude as a simple happiness habit, suggests peacefulness stemming from a state of inner richness. It is a means of enjoying the quiet and whatever it brings that is satisfying and from which we draw sustenance.  

Solitude doesn’t mean, strictly speaking, that you are alone. A sense of solitude happens at any moment when that inner richness breaks through your activities and brings you fully into the present moment. 

It’s a function of mindfulness and your inner work that brings this state into being. 

Those moments are pure blissful happiness.

A walk out into the quiet countryside does that for me. It’s worth all the work you do on yourself to experience blissful solitude.

Meditation and prayer are techniques you can use to bring on that inner richness. 

I use prayer and meditation to end cap my day,

In the morning, meditation is the first thing I do. It takes you to that sacred space where we exist as one with the divine within us.

In the evening, at the end of my day, I say a simple prayer to recognize my role in the operations of the divine. This completes a magical day. 

Instill Calm with meditation

7. Teaching Coaching

I love sharing what I learn from exploring books, courses, and other media. How does my own experience using the tools I recommend; stack up.? What can I pass along from the exercises and routines?  

Giving back is a vital part of our spiritual journey. 

As a coach, nothing is more magical than that moment when someone’s eyes light up with sudden insight. Nothing is more gratifying than to see my students gain from the knowledge I share.

Sometimes it’s simply maintaining a positive environment. (See our Be-Inspired Facebook page.) Or maybe it’s facilitating a course, like the Prosperity Plus courses by Mary Morrissey or our Affirmations Masterclass. 

Or simple testimonials like those included here.

Teaching is happiness for me. And within that, all these simple happiness habits reside. 

Is there one all-inclusive happiness habit for you?

8. Time with Friends and Family

A friend recently reminded met we have known each other for over 50 years. For a time, we spent a lot of time together. I helped raise her daughter, who started calling me uncle and some point. She is now my niece, even though there is no blood connection.

I am inordinately blessed, as I am sure you are, with loving, wonderful, kind, humorous, and generous friends.

They are my prosperity.

On top of that, I have three amazing sisters.
My simple exercise in profound gratitude is that they are part of my life. In essence, we are just walking each other home.

Take a moment to think of all the amazing friends you are walking home with.
See the quote.

Have you checked out our Quote Gallery Lately?

9. Gardening

What came first, the chicken or the egg? For me, the question is: What came first, gardening or cooking?

Welcome to my last two simple happiness habits.

For as long as I can remember, no matter our circumstances, we gardened.

The best garden I remember was at “the farm,” which refers to our house on the 5 sideroads in the Elmgrove community.

That garden kept us fed and healthy with a bounty of fresh vegetables.
In spring, you’d find us behind a row of peas, quickly goggling down as many as we could before someone noticed the silence.

Even here in Panama, I’ve spent time nurturing the poor soil I inherited that now grows; ginger, Tumeric, various herbs, a pumpkin, and the largest tomato plant I have grown.

I find something deeply satisfying in our elemental connection to the earth.

Talk about betting in touch with elevated emotions.

10 Cooking

 I am the oldest sibling in the family. Mum worked to help bring in enough money to keep the family going.

She often worked late shifts.

The task of cooking for dad and my sisters fell to me.
That’s how I learned to cook, and to love it.

I trained as a chef when classic french cuisine reigned supreme. I wasn’t crazy about learning the rigid traditions of the French kitchen.

I am not sure when the simple beauty of Italian cooking won my heart. Anything Mediterranean is my passion.

But even beyond Italian/Mediterranean cooking comes the bread.
I love to make my own sour-dough bread.

The act of creating bread connects you deeply to every generation down through our past to our humble ancestors learning to bake bread and to share it, around the campfire at night.

What a happy place that is.

Next Steps

I have revealed my ten simple happiness habits. I’ve shown you how they stack together so you can partake of more than one at once. And I think I’ve shown you how closely connected every one of them is.

Now it’s your turn to think about what habits would be on your list.

I’ve included a comment section below for you to share your favorites.

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