Ten Powerful Strategies for Creating a Great Day

Introduction to Ten Powerful Strategies for Creating a Great Day

These ten powerful strategies help you succeed even when life is full of surprises.  


On an average day, a seemingly endless number of unexpected events can occur that might create stress, worry, and frustration. But instead of letting these negative emotions take over, what if you were to make a conscious decision to have a great day?  


Try these powerful strategies to bring joy to each day:

Your Ten Powerful Strategies

  1. Use self-suggestion.

     First thing in the morning, make a conscious decision to have a great day. As you’re brushing your teeth, look yourself in the eye. Tell yourself, “I am having a great day” and mean it. This is your chance to set yourself up for a fantastic day, whether you’ll be with your family, at work, or hanging out with friends.

    Watch my video on “I’m having a great day.

  1. Ask yourself what is the greatest version of myself I can be today?

     Notice you are not asking yourself to be your best possible self. For any of us, that’s too big a stretch. But by asking what that could be for this day, maybe it’s to work on anger management, or just to show a friendlier face at the office or to show more patience. This gives you a personal goal in alignment with your dream and purpose. Quite often in our careers or our family life, we are pursuing goals determined by someone else that may not align with your agenda.,  

  1. Arm yourself with a power word before you start your day

    I usually do this while having my coffee and reading in the morning. I will sense my mood and from that pick a power word to use as an anchor for my day.  In the last few days, I’ve used words like empowered, determined, bold, enthusiastic, intentional. Look at them like an energy pill you stay to yourself during the day to reinforce how you want to conduct yourself. 

  1. Empower yourself. Stay unattached to the results. 

  •  You’re taking control of what might have turned into a negative situation when you decide to allow events to just roll on by and not affect you adversely. Take the bull by the horns and state to yourself what you will and won’t do in a challenging situation. 
  • Refuse to allow someone or something other than yourself to ruin your day. When you do this, you’re saying “no” to negativity. You’re taking a stand. When you’re resolved in this way, your healthy stubbornness will ensure you have a great day.
  1. Recognize what really matters.

     Maintain an objective viewpoint. Don’t get pulled into lesser emotions like anger or frustration. When you encounter a challenging situation, prompt yourself to see the bigger picture. If one part of a project isn’t going well, identify that you’ve been in similar circumstances before and will most likely be in them again someday. Know, however, that such situations don’t last, and easy times will come again, too.  

  2. Remind yourself: Positive things are happening to me now. 

    Remember that you still have other things to do today and the trying situation isn’t the only event you’ll encounter. Before the day is out, you might win the lottery or get that promotion you’ve wanted. Or maybe all the traffic lights will be green on your way home. Whether big or small, positive things will happen today.  

  3. Consider a challenging event as an adventure.

     When you look back, you’ll find that many prior situations that you were initially disappointed in turned out to be great opportunities for you. Shift your paradigm from “Oh, this is bad” to “This could be interesting.”   

  4. Discover the silver lining.

     What are the positives about a trying situation? You may feel challenged at first to find something positive about a difficult occurrence. However, with some practice, this will become easier. You’ll eventually be able to identify what the real beauty of the tough event is. You might even keep a notebook with you to jot down your how you’ve decided to look at the situation differently. (Download a copy of Doing Things Differently Worksheet) This also helps get the trying situation out of your head and onto paper. 

  1. Close the door.

    When you finish your work for the day or before you shift gears close the door. This is a trick I taught my sales team who often found themselves taking their work home with them. This created unnecessary stress. So, as you leave work or move from one project to another, stop. Take a deep breath and visualize a door closing on that space. It might take a little practice, but persistence will pay huge dividends in stress reduction if you master this trick. 

  1. At the end of the day, before bedtime, do a positive assessment of your day.

     Ask yourself what went right today? Why did it go right? The best practice is to do this in an unlined journal or on unlined paper. Come up with three things. Now you’ve reinforced the positive as you go to sleep. You set yourself up to wake in a more positive frame of mind. Then you do number one again creating a reinforced positive upward cycle in your life.  Click here for further information on night time mindfulness practices 

Conclusion For Ten Powerful Strategies for Creating a Great Day

Following these ten powerful straegies doesn’t mean nothing will ever go wrong.

When life gets you down, you always have a choice. You can either let yourself be completely overtaken with the weight of your challenge or decide to have a great day.  

Turn negative situations into adventures and seek the silver lining in every challenging event. You have all the power you need within you to make your life as enjoyable as you want it to be!

However, it is necessary to make the decision to create your day starting with the first thing you do in the morning. Declare you are having a great day. Then to finish up that great day you do your what went right today review.

This means you are consciously directing your life and less likely to allow someone else to impose their agenda on you.  

 Let me know which strategies work best for you.


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