Introduction: Stay Positive with These 7 Mindset Maintenace Tips

photo of storm surge “Stay positive” sounds a little like a mantra, something we say over and over to remind ourselves to focus on the positive.

Keeping that positive perspective gets challenged often these days.

Many situations in life are beyond our immediate control. Some things are
unpredictable and unavoidable. However, our mindset is something that we can
learn to control by maintaining some simple practices.

With practice, your mindset can be whatever you choose it to be. This is a powerful
skill to possess. You can overcome nearly any situation with an effective mindset and
some patience.

A negative mindset practically guarantees a lot of challenges in life.

A positive mindset doesn’t guarantee smooth sailing, but it’s a tremendous help!
Your mindset influences your happiness and success!

The role of maintaining a positive mindset offers us many documented benefits that make it well worth our efforts to hold back the negative sea.


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In the video I go into a little more detail on the 7 tips outlined below. 

Our #1 Positive Maintenance Tool: Positive Affirmations

Three Faces of Overwhelm from a negative worldTo stay positive requires a dedication to positive affirmations. In this blog, there are many articles about positive affirmations. And our free download today is our How to Write and Use Positive I AM Affirmations. 

So request your copy(see the orange bar below the video) and start strengthening your positive mindset against the onslaught of negative swirling around us.

Positive affirmations are simple to use, easy to implement, and low tech effective. 

Here’s one to use in a tight situation.

I am seeing positive outcomes today. 

# 2 It's Not a Problem, It's An Opportunity!

We’ve been conditioned to look at things in a certain way. Problems are obstacles sent to make our lives miserable and to try our patience and stress us out.

But what if we approached the situation from a different direction.

What is the opportunity here?


What is the solution?

Looking for a solution is an optimistic perspective.

Focusing on the challenge only drags down your mindset and your mood. Those with a positive mindset expect to find a solution or see an opportunity hidden under our condition reflex to see only problems.

Stay positive by seeking a solution instead of wallowing in a problem


#3 Stay Positive By Overloading Your Brain with Positivity

Today more than ever before we can choose what we surround ourselves with. We have a choice.

Give up news and replace it with uplifting media. From our social engagements on social media platforms to books, movies, podcasts, YouTube, Netflix, you create your entertainment environment. On my Facebook Page Be-Inspired, I often suggest positive books, movies, shows, documentaries, podcasts. 

There is no excuse for not stuffing your mind with positive inputs to counterbalance the negative that gets thrown at us every day. 

One small positive thought can change the whole day.

#4 Gratitude Smashes Through Negativity.

 Take a few moments every morning to write out three things you are grateful for.

Do this over coffee or your go-to wake-up beverage. 

That makes the habit even more enjoyable.

I have several different ways to enhance the practice of gratitude on my YouTube Channel if you want to go deeper. 

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Just stay away from being grateful for the same things every day. 

I found this with many of my coaching clients. At first, they found it difficult to come up with new things to be grateful for each day. 

Stick with it and your gratitude practice will bloom. 

You will find it easier to stay positive while also enjoying all the health benefits of showing gratitude.

#5 Practice Mindfulness

 Negativity comes from worrying about future events that have not or may never happen and trying to relive the past, also not possible.

That of course doesn’t stop us. Sometimes there is just too much juice in an endless fight with your boss or spouse where you say all the right things and become the heroine of the story in your own mind.

It’s frustratingly easy to slip into a thought chain. 

Mindfulness is simply about noticing and redirecting yourself back to the present moment. 

This is where schedule reminders come in handy. Use the timer function on your computer or your cell phone to do a check-in once an hour during your workday.

Use affirmations to bring your back to positivity.

And most importantly don’t beat yourself up for sliding out of the present. 

Just notice that you and then continue on. This simple practice increases your awareness of the present moment one step at a time.

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# 6 Stay Positive By Seeing the Humor.

Be willing and able to laugh at all times. Life is short. There’s humor to be found
in many negative situations.

If all seems lost, a good laugh isn’t going to hurt, but it might help.

Have a favorite comedy show to watch or your favorite comedy sketch. 

Laugh at your foibles with friends. 

I have the complete set of Pink Panther movies, just in case.

Don’t be afraid to laugh at yourself. Our negative mind is a master of wicked humor if we can detach from the situation and observe it objectively.

See the video below.

#7 What you are supposed to do when you see roses. Slow Down!

Picture with the words slow down  It may seem totally impossible to do. We get so caught up in our obsessive need to be in action that we barely notice how the adrenaline rush never lets up, 

We are a go, go, go society afraid of our living task (to borrow a phrase from W.H. Auden) of being still and present in the moment.

When we slow down time we start to still our minds. We catch our breath. We begin to appreciate the world around us. The appreciation of nature starts to release endorphins into our bodies. We move into bliss.

And in that state, it’s damn hard to be negative.

I dare you to try it!

In Conclusion: Stay Positive

We’ve given you 7 Tips to help you stay positive. Pick a couple of the tips that most resonated with you and start practicing them today.

Just reading the article isn’t enough we need to put what we learn into action. Only then can you achieve the results mentioned in the article. 

Your mindset is one of the things fully under your control. All that is required is to make a conscious effort to seize control of your thoughts and some practice. Mental habits can be challenging to break. We become addicted and habituated to certain thought processes. We’re reactive rather than responsive.

You can’t always control what happens to you, but you can control your reaction to the things that happen to you. By controlling your mindset, you gain far more control over your destiny. You’ll enjoy your life a lot more, too.

What two tips did you choose to try over the next week?

Post them in the comment section below.

One last question? Why did the turtle win the race?


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