Self-Renewal Affirmations Introduction.

Self-renewal is the perfect topic for January/ Perhaps last year didn’t work out the way you planned. Maybe you are looking to add more pizzazz and sparkle to your life. Your last kid just went off to college, and you need to re-engineer your life. What’s important to you right now?

The new year starts us itching for some new, something different,
It can be overwhelming to look at all your options. Where do you begin?

We have a whole in depth self-reweal program for you if you want to do a self-assessment or some thought exercises.

That’s where these 20 positive affirmations comes in. I wrote them to help you train your mind to see the possibilies within you. You are unlimited.
Thiese are the first small steps toward a much larger transformation if you so choose,
I’ve create a video with the affirmation, and I include the written text, or iyou can download these affirmations to our own computer.

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Text Copy of Self-Renewal Affirmations

  1. I am excited to see what the future has to bring.
  2. I know that I am creating an amazing future for myself. Wow!
  3. I am working hard each day towards my goals.
  4. I am amazing. Success follows me easily and quickly.
  5. I see the good in every person and every situation in my life.
  6. Everything is working out, I surrender what I can’t control to the universe. I am confident in my abilities to deal with anything else.
  7. Each and every day I commit to stretching outside my comfort zone, doing uncomfortable things, to seek the very best of myself.
  8. I am spending my time withdelightful, positive people who stand with me through the good times and the bad.
  9. I trust myself to make brilliant decisions that elevate my game.
  10. Even when I make mistakes, I glory in the opportunity to learn and grow. I never fear making a mistake.
  11. I will take time for self-renewal each and every day. I am worthy of this work.
  12. I am super-aware of my special gifts and talents designed to bring me to my best.
  13. I love the early morning because I have time to breathe deeply, let go of yesterday, and turn my full attention to my amazing day.
  14. I trust my voice to guide me with zeal and enthusiasm to do those special tasks I am created to do.
  15. My feelings are a reflection of who I am, I listen to my feelings, and I am aware of how I feel every day.
  16. Through the sacred task of renewal I am becoming the dazzling butterfly I am meant to be.
  17. I am fearlessly taking chances because I know they lead me to discover who I am.
  18. I embrace self-reflection and introspection as the tools to help me grow and express myself more fully.
  19. I accept who I am now; while recognizing I am a work in progress getting better and better every day.
  20. What a magical day the universe gifted me with. I take it fully in my embrace. I see all the good in my life and I appreciate everything I have

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Where do I start? What are my options? What is the life I want to live?

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Next Steps For Self-Renewal

 For further reading:

The Untethered Life by Michacl Singer

Daring Greatly  by Brene Brown

The 7 R’s of Self-Renewal by MaryAnn Jaco

Other affirmations 


This is the time to take a chance on yourself. Even if you are content with your life as it is now,  doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look for areas in your life that might need some loving kindness. Or perhaps to start a brand new adventure.

Nick Grimshawe


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