Introduction For Self-esteem Assessment

This self-esteem assessment is designed to help you figure out where you are currently. It’s not about a judgment on your personally. It actually not about you but how you think about yourself. 

 Knowing where you are in any journey places you in the right location to start your journey. 

You can map a route from where you are to where you want to go. However, if you have no idea where you are you have no idea in what direction you go.

I remember heading out one wet rainy evening to an event. I was traveling from Mission BC to Richmond BC, a route I had taken many times: In the day. In the dark, I got lost. I didn’t have GPS at the time. I could clearly see the bridge I need to cross but absolutely no idea how to get there. 

I had to find someone to ask who could orient me to where I was and then explain how to get there. 

Have you ever felt that way.?

Well, that’s the purpose of doing this self-esteem assessment. 

There are many topics to pursue around self-esteem. Before we start exploring self-esteem it’s good to know our starting point.

Below I have an assessment to rate yourself. 

But before you do that; two things.

  1. I’m going to give you a definition so we are all on the same page,
  2. Before you start the simple assessment I would like you to give yourself a score between one and ten, ten representing a high level of self-esteem. 

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Defining Self-esteem

Before you do the self-esteem assessment below, let make sure we are all talking about the same thing. 

Self Esteem is your overall sense of your worth or value. It’s your own internal ranking of how much you appreciate and value yourself even when things might not be going well at the moment.

In other words, you don’t change your self-esteem based on the whims of fate.

A sign of low self-esteem is a fickle sense of self-worth depending on your current circumstance. If things are going well, your self-esteem seems to be high and when you are down and out so is your self-esteem.

You have the ability to improve. your level of self-esteem if you have the right mindset. (This is a topic we will explore in another blog post.)

In this article, we just want to establish where you are and give you some positive affirmations to boost your self-esteem.


“The message is this: You can change your mindset.”

Take The Self-Esteem Assessment

Check all that apply:

___ I see myself as unworthy.

___ I make negative, hurtful, or belittling remarks about myself to myself or others. 

___ I see myself as unimportant.

___ I see myself as unattractive, disgusting, or otherwise unappealing.

___ I have trouble accepting compliments.

___ I avoid trying new things as I am sure to fail.

___ I avoid social contact with peers.

___ It is difficult for me to see the positive traits about myself.

___ I am afraid of being rejected by my peers or even strangers.

___ I go out of my way to please others.

___ I do things to be accepted that I regret later

___ I have trouble saying ‘no’ to others.

___ I fear not being liked by others.

___ I do things to get attention.

___ I am a loser.


Count the checkmarks.

0 – 5 –You have room for improvement. 

6 or more – Stay tuned for tools and strategies to improve your self-esteem

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please remember this not a reflection of you true abilities but a reflection on how you perceive yourself.


In Closing: How to Avoid These Mistakes.

Forewarned is forearmed. You are now aware of two of the fundamental problems that arise not just as an affirmation practitioner but in almost any situation that involves personal and spiritual growth.

According to research, it can take up to 90 days using an affirmation practice for the results to become visible.

That’s critical. Change is happening but your perceptions haven’t caught up with the change in your mental attitude.

But then one day the clouds get swept away, The sun comes out and that amazing magic reshapes your world without anything visible changing.

Because doing affirmations turns on the light of gratitude.

The old car you hated to drive to work you now appreciate because you aren’t tied up with expensive car payments.

Instead, you’ve created an affirmation about how well you manage your money and how excited you are that your new, fully paid-for, car is on its way to you.

Now you are beyond these two slippery paradoxes. 

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