How to Prepare for Your Releasing Emotions Meditation

To fully enjoy your Releasing Emotions Meditation:

  • Find a location where you are unlikely to be disturbed.
  • Make sure you turn off your phone or leave it elsewhere. And that notifications are turned off on the device you are using to listen to the meditation.
  • Sit comfortably with your back straight. A straight-back chair is good. Sitting in the lotus position is not necessary.
  • Use headphones for the best sound quality and also to reduce noise distraction.
  • Don’t judge how you did with the meditation. Once it’s over it’s over. What happens during meditation is what happens.

Special Note.

This releasing emotions meditation is short. You can use it whenever you feel a low-level emotion arise within you. 

Our instinct is to push these emotions away or suppress or repress them. 

Love and release them is a much more effective method. 

We’ve also included a downloadable audio so you can use this meditation, anywhere at any time. 

Listen to the Video Version Here

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