Release Stress with This 4-step Strategy: Episode #5

Release Stress Introduction

 The release stress strategy is based on an article and video I recorded a few weeks ago.

The title of the blog post is 3 Essential Keywords for Living a Happier for Purposeful Life. I will link the article in the show notes below.

Basically, we discussed these three keywords




Or Lap for short. 

In this episode #5, We team up these three practices with a simple low tech (pen and blank paper) to create our four-step strategy. [BE SURE TO LISTEN TO MY POINT IN THE VIDEO ABOUT LINED PAPER.] 

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  Below is a video where I talk about the strategy in full.

The release stress steps


Divide a page in two lengthwise.

On the left-hand side ask this question? 

Where am I spending my energy right now? What things am I focused on? 



On the right side of the page ask and list out from this question;
Where would I like to spend my energy? What things would I like (love) to focus on?


On a separate piece of paper answer this question.
How can I apply what I’ve learned in one and two? 



Schedule on a box schedule, I use Google Calendar, where and when you are going to practice applying what you’ve learned. 
I forgot to mention in the video not to add these to your To-Do list.
Put them on the schedule.
More about this on another video of Facebook Live. 

Where your attention goes, your energy flows.

Release stress with positive affirmation in the area you want to focus your attention

One of the ideas in the video is to use positive affirmations first thing in the morning. 

Keep a list of affirmations beside your bed and read those affirmations before your feet touch the floor. 

This is where my freebie. How to Write and Use Powerful I AM Affirmations will really help you. See the download button under the video 

In Closing

First, we need to understand what our current situation is before we can start refocusing our intention and energy. 

Then we need to get clear on where we would rather focus our energy. 

Then we apply what we learn and more up with practices that encourage the new behaviors we wish to embrace.

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