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I'm grateful for you Nick. It means a lot to have safe landing places online that always make you feel positive when your come across them. Without Fail
Joyce Parker Hyde
a Be-Inspired Enthusiast

What some students of Inner Transformation are saying about our work.

The GRIT presentation was so great!! This I can do and it makes so much sense. I was thinking of all the packages of seeds I buy and plant and am so grateful they produce our food. It is a mystery to me how each seed knows what they are. How grateful we should all be that this miracle exists. The next time you shop feel the gratitude for all that food you see sitting on the shelves waiting just for you. There are so many possibilities and opportunities to put GRIT into practice. Thanks Nick
Susan Heydon
Be-Inspired Enthusiast
I keep reading your tips, and remembering, and practicing it while I travel this life. Thank you Nick
Marlane Torres
Be-Inspired Enthusiast
I really like Nick Grimshawe's 6 step formula for creating affirmations without causing me more stress. I feel confident that I can now create and use positive affirmations to speed up my spiritual growth. Diane Weston .
Diane Weston
Prayer Chaplain
Follow Nick's simple and effective six steps to create affirmations to address whatever change is next for you! Precise, powerful, and a great skill to use for life, follow and use Nick's recommendations, and buckle up, because your life will be moving into fast forward motion!
Shandi Phillips Meyler
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