Defeat Procrastination Bundle



In this bundle, you receive 3 products to help you defeat procrastination

  1. A Chronic Procrastinator’s Guide to Defeating Procrastination, Boosting Productivity, and Income In One Day Or Liess.
  2. The Procrastination Puzzle Handbook
  3. The Procrastination Puzzle Workbook

The Chronic Procrastinators Guide focuses on 6 steps you need to perform in sequence to get you started immediately on that stalled project, business proposal, art project, (you name it).

The Procrastination Puzzle Handbook delves deeper into the behaviors and habits that cause procrastination and,

The Procrastination Puzzle Workbook gives you tools, templates, and exercises to break through the barriers holding you back.

The Three products, used together, give you the practical knowledge you need to live a more productive, engaged and enjoyable life.


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