The Untether Soul Book Study

 If we dare to look pass the surface of the term “self” questions arise that many people would rather not ask. “Are the many aspects of my being all equally part of the ‘self’ or is there only one of me–and if so, which, where, how, and why?”

From the Introduction of The Untethered Soul

topics Covered

The Seat Of Consciousness

Deconstructing our Cage


Exercises and Journaling

Weekly Live Classroom Review

We're Just Finishing the Trial run.

My volunteer student and I have throughly enjoyed testing the material that you will work with on this course. So many serendipitous and magical moments have occured as we studied and dug deep into the material.

Author spotlight

I am the editor and publisher of Beautiful Summer Morning where our purpose is to help you rediscover your unlimited potential. I have been writing since I can remember. I’ve publish articles in many magazines, taught Prosperity Plus 11 Held numberous webinars and online workshops. My focus is on helping people find their own personal spiritual path through gratitude, mindfulness, meditation, and journaling. 

Nick Grimshawe

Learning techniques to banish negative emotions and the distractions surrounding us in a consumer society which take me off the path to life.

Paul Smith

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