Positive Affirmation Questions Introduction

 Positive affirmation questions that I am consistently asked are answered in this blog post.

In fact, this is essentially part two of the original article I wrote called Affirmations Q&A The Five Most Asked Questions Answered.

I wrote that article almost a year ago. Since then, I have received many more questions about positive affirmations.

I haven’t duplicated any of the questions so please refer to the hyperlink above to read about some of the more basic questions.

The reason I’ve answered these questions or similar ones is in the hope that something here will spark in you the motivation and inspiration to get started on your own practice of positive affirmations. (For more information on how to develop a practice of affirmations click here to learn more about our Affirmation Masterclass.)

If after reviewing my first blog post and reading this one, you still have questions about positive affirmations, please send me your questions to nick@beautifulsummermorning.com.

You never know: your question might be the one that helps someone else move forward.



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This is a video where I answer the first set of positive affirmation questions. 

Affirmations Q&A Your Five Most Asked Questions Answered: Episode 57

1 How often should I use affirmations?

While there are no hard and fast rules, positive affirmations work best when they are repeated regularly and consistently.

This means you use the same wording and repeat your affirmations at approximately the same times each day.

Experts recommend saying your affirmations out loud (in front of a mirror if you can) three to five times a day.

If you want to super-charge your positive affirmations, add writing them down each day also.

Another favorite way to use them is to take 3-5 positive affirmations in the area you want to improve(say self-esteem) and write each one out on an index card. Then when you feel your self-esteem is at a low ebb, take them out and flip through them, like flashcards.

Remember the power of positive affirmations is in their repetition. 

You have been training your brain with negative affirmations for most of your life. Now is the time to turn up the volume on your positive ones.

Positive Affirmation Question #2 Can Affirmations Help Alleviate Anxiety and Depression?

Therapists agree that using positive affirmations can be a powerful technique you can use as part of your treatment plan if you suffer from depression and anxiety.

Below is an expert from a study from PMC Lab

Worry in Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD), takes a predominantly verbal form, as if talking to oneself about possible negative outcomes. The current study examined alternative approaches to reducing worry by allocating volunteers with GAD to conditions in which they either practiced replacing the usual form of worry with images of possible positive outcomes or with the same positive outcomes represented verbally. A comparison control condition involved generating positive images not related to worries. Participants received training in the designated method and then practiced it for one week, before attending for reassessment, and completing follow-up questionnaires four weeks later. All groups benefited from training, with decreases in anxiety and worry, and no significant differences between groups. The replacement of worry with different forms of positive ideation, even when unrelated to the content of worry itself, seems to have similar beneficial effects, suggesting that any form of positive ideation can be used to effectively counter worry.

Affirmations are not a cure in themselves but can help boost your mood and confidence and can be an important part of any cognitive behavior therapy program.

Again, it is important to tailor positive affirmations specifically to the area you want to handle in your life.

(We are working on a series of positive affirmations to use around anxiety and depression.)


# 3 Can positive affirmations help you sleep better?

One of the red flag symptoms of depression and anxiety is sleep disturbance.

As well as helping your resolve your anxiety, affirmations can be included in a regular meditation practice that can help you improve your sleep patterns.

 I recently wrote an article about Affirmation Mantras

These short affirmations designed to be used over and over like a mantra are perfect for adapting to better sleep.

  1. They increase your sense of well-being at bedtime.
  2. Are part of the virtuous cycle of affirmations since you are using them again in the morning. So your positivity grows much like a snowball rolling downhill.
  3. Finally, when your mind is filled with positive affirmations there is no room for the worries and anxieties to sneak in.

Positive Affirmation Questions # 4 Can Affirmations Boost your Self-esteem?

To that, I simply declare: Absolutely. 

Positive affirmations can help you build self-confidence and self-esteem, as long as the affirmations you choose resonate with your own personal value system.

Make sure you choose affirmations that ring true for you.

If your reaction is skeptical, or if you don’t really believe what you’re saying, the affirmations are less likely to work.

When you use an affirmation like: ” I feel my self-esteem growing within me each and every day.” And as you repeat it you begin to change your mindset. 

Whereas, if you use an affirmation like: “I am the most self-confident person in the world right now.” You are straining your credulity and the affirmation will be less effective.

If you want to boost your self-esteem, make sure your positive affirmations focus on your strengths, and what you really want to see in your life.

I created a video with ten self-esteem affirmations. 

Watch it here. 

I also created a video on Ten Amazing Financial Self-esteem Affirmations



5 Aren’t Affirmations Just Feel-Good Mantras?

Some critics say that affirmations are just glib feel-good mantras.  

The trouble is there is a positive affirmation technology that needs to be in place for the affirmation to work.

As an example, I see many examples of affirmations that use the word “will”. This is simply something that will happen in the future. 

Unfortunately, your lizard brain is concerned only with the here and now, and an affirmation that talks about something you will do in the future won’t have any impact.

Under the video in this article, there is a link to a freebie”How to Write and Use Powerful I AM Affirmations. 

In the checksheet, I list out what a good affirmation consists of. 

In Conclusion

In this article, I hope I’ve answered some of your positive affirmation questions.

I’ve also included a lot of resources you can use to further explore the subject of affirmations. 

The videos I mentioned give you a chance to practice using positive affirmations.

However, I am sure there are other positive affirmation questions out there.

Please feel free to send your questions to  nick@beautifulsummermorning.com.

Here is to living in a more positive world

Nick Grimshawe

Dream Big, Live Inspired

Nick Grimshawe. 

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