Optimistic thoughts to help us reframe negative thoughts into positive ones. Positivity carries many benefits including happiness.

Introduction For Positive Thoughts: 5 Ideas for Happiness

Kids have optimistic thoughts easily and often Positive thoughts and positive thinking are our starting point.

Our whole philosophy here at Beautiful Summer Morning begins with rebalancing our minds from a negative mindset to a positive one.

Research continues to show the many benefits of having a positive outlook. 

The first step to spiritual and personal growth comes from using the tools of positivity, especially positive affirmations, and reframing exercises.

This post is a short video about 5 optimistic thoughts that should be part of your everyday arsenal to help swap out negative thoughts for positive ones.

The goal isn’t to eliminate negative thoughts, that’s a fool’s errand, rather our goal is to transform those negatives into positive ones.

Enjoy the video.

In the comments section tell us how it made you feel. 

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Optimistic Thoughts Transcript

Optimistic Thoughts Transcript

Welcome to this presentation of 5 optimistic thoughts to carry at all times.

Contrary to what some may believe, optimism is not something only happy people conjure up, like a magic spell. Optimistic people aren’t always happy. They get mad and sad just like the rest of us.

What they do have is a certain way of looking at life. A certain mindset that beams with positivity. Here are five optimistic thoughts all of us should engage at all times for a healthier, more fulfilling way of looking at the world and ourselves.

Here are the five optimistic thoughts from the video

Life gives you as much as you can handle. You are much stronger than you give yourself credit for. There isn’t a difficult situation that can break you or bring you down.

Everything happens for a reason. It may not all be to your liking. But if you just be patient and have faith in yourself, they may work out better than you ever imagined!

Happiness is a choice. There’s always something to be happy and grateful for. Always.

You have more control than you think. No, you don’t have 100% complete control, and yes, things will happen that may take you by surprise. Even if these things aren’t going the way you imagined or planned, you need to have some trust that things will work out just fine in the end. As for the things you can control, it’s up to you to change whatever isn’t making you happy.

Nothing lasts forever. Remember, nothing in life is permanent. You grow up, find your soulmate, and have some kids. Then, they grow up, and so on.

That’s what life is all about. Change. But change can be good. It’s all in the way you look at it. Make sure you appreciate the little moments that make life memorable and unique. Avoid focusing on the negative or the bad times in your life.

Bonus Material Optimistic Thoughts Infographic

Optimistic Thoughts: Next Steps

 Remember these tips:

  1. Life gives you as much as you can handle
  2. Everything happens for a reason
  3. Happiness is a choice
  4. You have more control than you think.
  5. Nothing lasts forever

Post them on a sticky note where you see them every day. 

Play the video whenever you feel the negative thoughts start to overwhelm you. 

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