Maintaining Mindfulness During Coronavirus

Maintaining Mindfulness: We Are All Walking In New Territory

Maintaining mindfulness in our difficult times when obviously, we are all walking in new territory can be a challenge. Afterall, we have been unceremoniously pushed out of our comfort zones.

Often the new headlines are purposefully frightening like the one I saw this morning predicting a world wide famine.

You and  I can’t help feeling anxious about our families our friends, our financial situation.

Perhaps you feel that you should push these feelings away but resistance only causes us to become focused on those feelings and we move into the past or into worrying about the future.

In his book :The Untethered Soul: The Journey Beyond Yourself

“These feelings are just part of the nature of a human being. If you pay attention (be mindful) you will see that they are not you; they are just something you are feeling  and experiencing.”

Carl Jung observed:

 “…what you resist not only persists, but will grow in size.’’

Deal with What You Control

That’s why  maintaining mindfulness practices  during our world wide lockdown and our suddenly abnormal lifestyle will help us to recognize that while we can’t control the situation we can control how we react. Through the exercise of calmness, steadfastness, courage, and punitiveness we receive all the benefits  of maintaining Mindfulness.

For most of us this is a unique situation. We haven’t experienced this kind of worldwide shutdown in our life times. The year I was born in London England they still had some rationing in effect even though WW11 was long over. But my parents lived through the Blitz in London, blackouts, rationing, and restricted movements.  They faced a constant treat almost nightly.

Yet my mum and dad had some very fond memories of that time. And my mother especially emerged from the experience with a  very strong calmness under fire.


Will You Emerge Stronger?

Especially if you have taken up the mantle to make the most of your time in lockdown and to discover the things that come from walking not running.

I am grateful that my time in lockdown had been productive. I’ve learned to relax into the day. To take the time to smell the roses and breath, ahh the breath.

I hope you have also found times like these in your solitude.

Remain safe, stay calm, and:

Dream Big, Live Inspired

Nick Grimshawe

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