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About Your Coaching Session

Nick Grimshawe designed the Procrastination Check-Up to take you through a series of laser-targeted questions to help you discover your deep-rooted reasons for procrastination. In this one-hour session, Nick gently guides you to your solutions for overcoming procrastination. These sessions often lead to profound insights into unconscious behaviors and habits.

When you are finished the session, you will have a deeper understanding of procrastination and personal strategies you can use to overcome procrastination.


I thoroughly enjoyed my Procrastination Checkup coaching session with Nick. He guided me through a series of question to help me delve deeper into the reasons I procrastinate. Nick gave me lots of time to reflect and talk about my feelings and emotions. I experienced insights into procrastination I’d never considered before. In fact, the questions are very thought provoking. Shortly after my session with Nick, I had a flashback into a childhood incident that was the source of one of the biggest areas of procrastination.
Diane Weston
Prayer Chaplain
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