Journaling for Health Introduction

Poster for JournalingJournaling for health is not a separate activity from journaling; it is what happens when you journal. 

Journaling impacts so many areas of your life. When you make a habit of journaling, you are constantly decluttering your mind. With less worry, you feel more relaxed, less stressed, and happier. 

I didn’t put this in the title, however, Get Rid of Your Shit and Get Your Glow On would make a good subtitle. 

Because uncluttering your mind is the consequence of journaling. You are journaling for health.

And what happens when you feel healthier? You start to glow with radiant health.

So what are you waiting for? Get out a piece of paper and start now,

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The 7 Ways Journaling For Health Get Your Glow On.

You Experience Less Stress

When you have a place to let go of your emotions and process them, you find yourself feeling a lot more relaxed. 

Even better, by journaling to keep track of your life, you worry less about your schedule and feel more in control of your life. No wonder you experience less stress when you journal!

Studies show that journaling for 20 minutes over a 3-month time frame reduces blood pressure. 

This doesn’t mean you fire your doctor. However, find a doctor willing to approach your health holistically, rather than just focusing on the physical body. 

Unless we can measure something, science won’t concede it exists, which is why science refuses to deal with such “nonthings” as the emotions, the mind, and the soul. or the spirit. Source: Candace Pert

You Get Sick Less Often

Oddly enough, studies have shown that when journaling honestly about how you feel, you provoke an immune response, making you less likely to get sick. Journaling helps you let go and talk about your experiences, which releases a chemical that improves immune function.

Even the CDC rates journaling as a significant aid in overall health. They recommend writing a few minutes every day, making it a consistent habit.

You Heal Faster

If you experience chronic pain or asthma, journaling will help you to feel better. Journaling reduces inflammation which reduces pain. Also, reducing inflammation in the lungs will help you breathe better. 

Several studies show that journaling can help different chronic illnesses. One study asked people with rheumatoid arthritis and asthma to write about their traumatic events or about neutral topics for 20 minutes for 3 days. After 4 months, those who wrote about their feelings and traumas had less disease activity and had more disease improvement. Journaling helped them get better and also stopped them from getting worse. Source: Is Journaling Good for Mental Health? (

You Enjoy Better Brain Function

If you worry about losing your memory as you grow older, journaling might be a solution. Studies show an active mind is less susceptible to cognitive dysfunction. Journaling regularly helps protect your brain in just this way. By journaling habitually, you can increase your memory and cognitive function over time.

My experience with journaling is my ability to connect the dots. I surprise myself by remembering quotes or information from books right when I need them. This is invaluable to me as a coach.

Would you like this journaling for health benefit? A fresher, sharper mind?

Large Journal for journaling for Health
You Feel Better Emotionally

Writing about your emotions helps you better understand yourself and process what is going on in your life. This is why journaling is recommended so often for people who suffer from anxiety or depression. Writing about emotions and feelings that bother you is an excellent way to move past trauma or understand your fears.

Get it out of your head. We allow our minds to constantly rehash things. I am sure you recall times when you played the same thoughts over, and over again, in your mind.

I keep a brain dump journal with me wherever I go. Thoughts and insight never give you any warning. Having a small notebook with you lets your record them for later.

“You must use your mind to get things off your mind.” Source: David Allen Getting Things Done.

You Have More Self-Confidence

Journaling also helps you understand how you think: enabling you to work through your beliefs and keep track of your successes. All these things contribute to self-confidence. Knowing what you believe, understanding how to communicate your thoughts, and being aware of the things you do well make up aspects of how you think about yourself.

Overall, there are so many physical, emotional, and mental health benefits to journaling. The simple act of journaling (people love to complicate things) improves your health, If you write thoughts, emotions, and feeling down on paper, you are journaling for health. 

People will notice. Without worry, stress, or anxiety of keeping things bottled up inside, you glow. 

All it takes is twenty minutes a day to get your glow on.

A Journaling Positive Affirmation

I am ecstatic about my daily journaling habit. I love the vibrant healthy grow of my skin and my magnetic smile. I am flowing with confidence, and self-esteem. I feel guilt-free and raring to go. 

Next Steps In Journaling for Health

Photo of a woman journaling

Journaling is a low-tech activity. All you need is some blank paper, a few pens and pencils of different colors, and maybe, a three-ring binder to store your work.

That also makes it excuse-free.

You just read about all the amazing health benefits of journaling.
You know that simply putting your thoughts, emotions, and feelings down on paper frees your mind of worry. You also reduce stress, and the many stress-related illnesses you find in society today.

Don’t stress. Write. Get that healthy glow on. Yes, you can do this.


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