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Sunrise through the trees To instill calm into our lives we use a variety of methods. Our typical tools include meditation, gratitude, positive affirmations, and mindfulness. Mindfulness especially. When we come into that moment and live fully in the now a sense of peace comes flooding in. 

In this video post, we will take a look and some unconventional ways to instill calm. 

At least one of our suggestions will raise eyebrows, 

Watch the video to discover 5 unconventional ways to instill calm. 

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Instill Calm with these 5 Unconventional Methods Transcript.

We all know the conventional ways to achieve calm: meditate, go for a walk, listen to relaxing music, etc., but what about the uncommon ways to do it? For all of you who like to break the mold, here are some unconventional methods to instill calm into your life.

Sunrise through the trees1. Put your Phone on Silent

Or even better, airplane mode. It’s a big ask, so don’t worry if you need to take baby steps to get there. The point of this exercise is that a silent phone increases the chances of achieving a quiet mind. We’re all so distracted by the black screens that we forget to soak up the present moment — so give it a go!

2. Mindful Eating

If you’re puzzled by this one, you’re not alone. Most people like to scarf down their food the second it’s in front of them — very primal of us. But every once and a while, it pays to eat slowly and take in every bite. Focus on the flavors as they marry, the textures, and the joy of being able to eat. That’s called mindful eating!

3. Watch TV

Hold on, watching TV will make me calmer?! Doesn’t everyone say it’s terrible for your mind? Well, we’re talking about watching TV in healthy, moderate doses. That doesn’t mean you should binge-watch TV every day, but when your mind needs a break, it’s perfectly acceptable to put on an episode of your favorite show to relax.

Blueberries4. Do Something Mundane

Most people don’t get excited about mundane, menial tasks like doing the laundry or washing dishes, but it’s great for the mind. You’re probably used to a lot of thinking in that brain of yours, which means you’re not giving it a lot of time to focus on something without being totally consumed by it. Try it out!

5. Use Art to Achieve Calm

You may not be a junior Picasso (or maybe you are!), but that doesn’t mean you can’t use art to calm your mind. Go to a museum or stare at your favorite picture hanging on your wall. Art does an excellent job of calming people down and bringing them back to a grounded state.

“Look at the trees, look at the birds, look at the clouds, look at the stars and if you have eyes you will be able to see that the whole existence is joyful. Everything is simply happy. Trees are happy for no reason; they are not going to become prime ministers or presidents and they are not going to become rich and they will never have any bank balance. Look at the flowers — for no reason. It is simply unbelievable how happy flowers are.”

Next Steps. Instill Calm in Your Life Effortessly

Instill Calm with meditation Simple enough, right? No matter what method (or methods) you choose to try out, make sure you’re doing what feels best for your mind and body. This is a personal thing — finding calm should be a happy, worry-free journey. Good luck!

Remember, while we might seek calmness in things outside ourselves, ultimately those things are to lead us to the deepest calm within us.

I hope these uncommon methods to instill calm give you even more ideas on what you can do to generate that deep sense of calm within.

Use these ideas along with the usual methods of positive affirmations, gratitude, mindfulness, and meditation.

Life doesn’t have to be one drama after another like a soap opera.

Try some of these on to see if they fit with your lifestyle.

Nick Grimshawe

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