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I Am A Strong Woman Guided Meditation

Introduction to I Am a Strong Woman

As a man, I was lucky to have a strong woman, a mother who was a strong, and independent-thinking.

She didn’t fit the mold of the other women I saw around me. Her example helped shape me in so many different ways. As a result, I had the pleasure of working with some exceptional women.

So, this meditation is a tribute to my mum and all the women I’ve worked with.


You all know who you are.


This empowering meditation is designed to help women connect with their inner strength and resilience. Through visualization, participants are encouraged to embody the spirit of strong, capable women throughout history as they bask in the sun atop a mountain, feeling peace and confidence.


The affirmations:  “I am a woman. I am strong. I am invincible. No one can keep me down.” are reminders of the indomitable spirit within every woman, echoing the strength and determination of those who have paved the way before.


The meditation invites women to embrace their inner power, cultivate unwavering confidence, and draw inspiration from the legacy of strong women who have shaped history.


It aims to leave you feeling relaxed and emboldened, ready to face the world with confidence and determination.


You are encouraged to visualize yourself atop a mountain, basking in the warming sun, and feeling a sense of peace and confidence, embodying the spirit of strong and capable women throughout history.


I Am a Strong Woman Guided Meditation Video

Here is the Script from the Meditation.

Welcome to your guided meditation. I Am A Woman. I Am Strong. I Am Invincible. No One Can Keep Me Down.


This guided meditation for strong women was created as a stark reminder of how capable you are – you are strong, you are invincible, and no one can keep you down.


No one will keep you down.


Find a quiet room and make yourself comfortable. You should be able to maintain your position for the duration of this meditation. Take a moment to ensure you’re fully comfortable.


I am going to ease you in now, counting down from ten, and by the time we reach one, you will fully relax.


Ten. You can feel your body soften into the floor as we get started.


Nine. Take a deep breath now and hold it for a moment.


Eight. Now breathe out through your mouth.


Seven. Breathe in again, let it come in through your nose, and fill the entirety of your body.


Six. Breathe out until there’s no air left in your lungs.


Five. Breathe in. Breathe out.


Four. You can feel your shoulders and arms relaxing.


Three. You can feel your back and legs relaxing.


Two. You can feel your heartbeat slipping into a truly resting rate.


One. Your body fully relaxes.


Let’s take a journey. Repeat after me.


I am a woman.


I am strong.


I am invincible.


No one can keep me down.


You are at the top of a mountain.


The sun is bright and it’s warming your body, though you don’t feel uncomfortably warm.


You can feel a cool, comfortable breeze.


The sun’s rays feel protective and as you take in the view, you notice a bench overlooking white-capped mountains in the distance.


As you take a seat, the rays warm your face, and you can feel the sun’s soothing light touching the entirety of your body. It feels like you’re being wrapped in a blanket.


You feel at peace.


You feel calm.


Everything is right.


You can see these healing rays touching everything within your view.


It gives you a feeling of confidence that you’ve never encountered before.


When you realize that the sun’s warm, protective rays are covering you and everything your eye can see, you feel invincible.


Even as you close your eyes, you can still feel the light illuminating the world around you. As you slowly open your eyes, you find a carbon copy of you sitting right there on the bench.


You’re looking into your mirror image, and both of you are smiling.


Is she here to help you? Or does she have a message for you?


She takes your hand, squeezing, and initially, you believe she is offering comfort, but as she squeezes harder, you start to feel confidence flowing freely through your body.


This environment had already filled you with confidence, it already had you feeling invincible, but this shift in energy is infusing you with the belief that nothing can keep you down, that you’re capable of anything and everything.


You realize now there are two of you.


Your inner self squeezes your hand again and stands from the bench, taking you with you. You can’t help but notice how bright and infinite the blue sky above is and how the ground is thick, lush, green grass that feels so soft under your toes.


You’re so high on the mountain, you feel like you’re on top of the world… and yet the expanse of the sky is overwhelming.


The only way to climb higher would be to sprout wings, but you don’t need that. The feeling of being on top of that mountain is more than enough to sustain you.


You follow your inner self as she takes you right to the edge of the mountain, and she smiles as she turns to you and says:


I am a woman.


I am strong.


I am invincible.


No one can keep me down.


You can see she believes it and you believe it too, right down to the tips of your toes and the top of your head.


Your body is overflowing with confidence, overflowing with joy, overflowing with an understanding that you’re invincible as long as you hold onto the belief that no one can keep you down.


No one can keep me down.


No one will keep me down.


I am on top.


Now it’s time to resume your day.


You’re gazing out at the world from the top of the mountain and ready to count down back to reality.


Ten. You can feel your legs and back starting to wake up.


Nine. You can feel your shoulders and arms starting to wake up.


Eight. As you take a deep breath you feel the air expanding your lungs.


Seven. You exhale your breath through your lips.


Six. You take another deep breath in.


Five. You push another deep breath out.


Four. You start to feel your body waking back up gently.


Three. You open your eyes.


Two. You take one, final deep breath in.


One. And exhale out. You are now ready to return to your day, relaxed, but confident, invincible, and unstoppable.

End of I Am A Strong Woman Guided Meditation. 


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