STEP ONE: Watch this video

I wrote this How to Write and Use I Am Affirmations to help you develop the power of positive affirmation in your life. Moving from a negative mindset to a positive one benefits your health, vitality, and enjoyment of life.

Plus I also wanted to make it something that was easy to use, easy to apply. And, most importantly didn’t require a lot of time or study before you started to see the shift in your mood, and well-being. 

STEP TWO: Download Your Check Sheet

Here’s You’re How to Write and Use Powerful I AM Affirmations: Click the button below to download it now.

 In the How to Write and Use Affirmation check sheet you’ll get a glimpse of my Affirmation Masterclass where you learn the # 1 Secret to powering up your progress. If that interests you and you want to check it out right away, CLICK the Learn More Button below.  

What Some People Are Saying After Grabbing Our Check Sheet

I really like Nick Grimshawe's 6 step formula for creating affirmations without causing me more stress. I feel confident that I can now create and use positive affirmations to speed up my spiritual growth. 
Diane Weston
Prayer Chaplain
Follow Nick's simple and effective six steps to create affirmations to address whatever change is next for you! Precise, powerful, and a great skill to use for life, follow and use Nick's recommendations, and buckle up, because your life will be moving into fast forward motion!
Sandi Pillips Meyler
Frequency Pet Lady

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