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Think Positively About Negativity. Are You Kidding Me?

Think Positively is the command but it’s taken to mean we need to crush negativity, 

Here is a brief list of titles I found on Youtube and Google.

4 Surefire Ways to Crush Negativity and Achieve Success,

5 Smart Ways to Crush Negative People from your life? Stay Positive in 2019

Crush and Stop seem to be some of the most popular keywords when it comes to dealing with negativity.
These titles represent a lot of the current thinking about negativity. 
What is remarkable is that all these titles and the thousands and thousands of words of advice on dealing with negative thoughts ignore a very basic tenement of the Law of Attraction.
What you resist you become. Where you place your attention energy goes. When you think about what you don’t want that’s what you get.
I’m not proposing that we abandon our quest to live a more positive and inspired life. What I am suggesting that we need to tilt our approach away from trying to eliminate negative thoughts and instead focus on how to increase our supply of positive ones.

Perhaps the best illustration of this point is The Story of the Two Wolves. In case you’ve forgotten the story or not hear of it I’ve included a very short (52 seconds) video just to refresh our memories.

Which One Will You Feed?

Of course, the punch line is a question. Which one will you feed?

We would hope that you took the course to feed yourself positivity. There are many ways to do this which I describe in my Youtube video and briefly outline below.

We don’t have to kill, crush or suppress our negative thoughts. Instead of loving them and using our tools, we feed the positive wolf inside of us.

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How to Think Positively About Negative Thoughts: Strategy # 1 Get Clear about What You Want

 If you are not sure about what you want to do, what kind of life you want to live, what kind of friends you’d like to have, you will spend a lot of time thinking about what you don’t want.

Exercise to find clarity,

1 Write about what your perfect day would look like starting from when you wake up to when you go to bed at night. Be creative, use your imagination, don’t limit yourself to what you “think” is possible. Use all your senses and lots of colors. It doesn’t need to be perfect. Done is better than perfect.

2 Write a What I Love list. This also helps you to focus on what you love. When you find ways to do what you love you are happier and less likely to engage the bad wolf. 

3 Write a What I Want List. But be careful to approach this from abundance, not from lack. So if you put on an item like I need more money, you are focusing on lack and moving to the Darkside.

Doing these exercises helps you to feed the positive wolf. 

How to Think Positively About Negative Thoughts: Strategy # 2 Create Positive Affirmation about Negativity

 This sounds counter-intuitive. Our instinct is to ignore, hide or suppress our negative thoughts. But if we accept negative thoughts as something we can learn from then we go a long way to shifting to a more positive mindset.


I choose to find the message in my negative thoughts and use that message to change a habit or behavior and uplift me.

I am embracing my negative thoughts as I am growing and learning how to live an inspired life,

You can use these or write your own around specific areas of negativity in your life.

The ones you create personally are more powerful.

Shameless Plug

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How to Think Positively About Negative Thoughts: Strategy # 3 Practice Gratitude.

 A practice of gratitude is not just about giving thanks for the good things we receive in our lives. We can also show gratitude for the tough life lessons we’ve learned along the way. 

So we can create a list of things we are grateful for around the negativity that springs to our minds. 

If we accept, at the very least, that negative thoughts point the way for us to change some aspect of ourselves to a more positive outlook then we can find it in our hearts to be grateful for that lesson.

Can you think of a time when a negative lead to some positive occurrence?

Write down in your journal a thought about how grateful you are for that thought.

In fact, create a list in your journal of times that negative thoughts served you well,

As you engage in these activities you are taking your attention off the negativity of your negatives and giving them a positive spin.

You are still feeding your positive wolf.

Conclusion: Thinking Negatively About Negative Thoughts Compounds the Problem

“No Problem Can Be Solved From The Same Level Of Consciousness That Created It.”

 To solve negativity in our life, we need to operate from a new level of consciousness. 

The tools I’ve offered here move us into a higher level of consciousness.  Resistance, denial, suppression are at the level that created the negativity in the first place. 

Instead, our goal is to see our negative thoughts and emotions as alerts to move or shift our thoughts toward positivity, wholeness, inclusiveness, and even love we operate from a different level of consciousness.

As we grow in awareness, we naturally move to a more positive, inspired life without the need to crush, kill or stop anything. 


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