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How to Create Your Affirmations Card Deck in 5 Easy Steps

How to Create Your Affirmations Card Deck

Including the 5 Powers of Positive Affirmations

Creating an affirmations card deck is an extra tool in your affirmation tool box.  By creating your own deck you are beocme  familiar with the five powers of positive affirmations. these powers help focus our attention on how to get the best results when using them.


These powers are different from the rules governing the technology behind positive affirmations.


You can read more about the technology of affirmations by requesting a free copy of How to Write and Use Powerful I AM Affirmations.


One of the most powerful ways to use positive affirmations is to create your index card deck.


An effective affirmations card deck would have between 10 and 20 handwritten affirmations. By using a card deck you create yourself, you engage with all five Affirmations Powers.

As I explain how to create and use the card deck, I will outline each power involved in that step.


Materials You Need to Create Your Affirmations Card Deck

Photo of blank index cards.
  1. A stack of 3X5 blank, thick Index Cards. Thick because you are going to be using them over and over again. Blank to allow you to be creative in designing your set of cards.
  2. Colored pens to write out the affirmations
  3. A good quality elastic band to hold them together.

That’s all you need.

You might have to order blank index cards. The tyranny of lines makes it almost impossible to find them in stores. 

As you can see from the photo how well used my affirmations card deck is. That why you need to find think one.  


Creating Your Affirmations Card Deck

Creating your card deck is simple, just follow these 5 steps.

  1. You need to select ten positive affirmations you want to use. You might pick an area you feel you’re struggling in.


  1. Write these affirmations onto blank index cards by hand. Writing the cards by hand evokes The First Power of Positive Affirmations, the power of writing them down.


I could offer you preprinted affirmations decks but when you write something down you are moving a thought that has no energy, space, or time and bringing it into the physical universe. This makes it more real to you. You created the card. It has a personal meaning to you.


Your brain is going to pay more attention because you created the card.


And since positive affirmations are retraining the brain to a positive mindset you want to break through the noise to get its attention.


  1. You now have a deck of ten affirmation cards. And the Second Power of Affirmations comes into play. The Power of Reading Out Loud.


Read all ten affirmations, one after another until you’ve read them all out loud.


This is another way of engaging your brain. Your voice is external to the constant internal chatter. Your brain goes: “Hey who is that speaking to me?” Once again, you’ve broken through and put a very specific and positive thought in there, to replace some of the negativity.


  1. We recommend you read these cards at least 3 times a day, for 21 days. Morning, midday, and evening are the best times. This is The Third Power of Affirmations: The Power of Repetition.


James Clear, the author of Atomic Habits, states this very succinctly: “You get what you repeat.”

Repetition is the superpower of positive affirmations.

Think about how long you’ve been saying negative affirmations.

In his book, Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself, Dr. Joe Dispenza talks about the need to rewire the circuitry of the brain because, like deer paths in the forest, we’ve created negative neural pathways of bad habits.

Here is James Clear once more: Negative thoughts compound. The more you think of yourself as worthless, stupid, or ugly, the more you condition yourself to interpret life that way. Source: James Clear.


I’m giving you all this information because this is the most critical point about using positive affirmations. You have to use them and repeat them so you convert that negative bias into a more positive attitude.

When you do that, magic happens. Your world gets brighter, and your life begins to sparkle.

If that is all you do: practice those first three steps, and you’ve mastered the most important powers of positive affirmations.

However, two more advanced steps elevate your mastery to the next level.

The enemy of repetition is becoming rote.

You find that you are just going through the motions. There are several ways to avoid this problem.


5 After you read through your affirmations once, shuffle the deck. (Now you see why you need thicker ones.) This action changes the order you read the affirmations this helps prevent getting into a rote reading of your affirmations.

This brings up The Fourth Power of Positive Affirmations. The Power of Keep Them Fresh.

Another strategy is to modulate your voice. Try emphasizing a different part of the affirmation. Act them out. I often use my hands to give them more life. Hands speak to.

After 21 days start swapping out affirmations. I like to add new affirmations I’ve come up with or affirmations on a different subject.

When I do this, I remove the same number as I’m adding. That way you keep your practice consistent. You could even add more if you have the time to read them each day.

Finally, don’t throw away your old cards.

Photo of my current affirmations card deck and my old deck Keep them. I use an alligator clip to keep them together. Then I have another way of changing this up.

Once a week I randomly pick out ten old affirmations and read them again. You reaffirm your old affirmations while at the same time keeping them fresh.



  1. Start carrying your current card deck everywhere with you. (Just a reminder to use the thicker stock for your blank index cards.) This way if you end up in a line at the store, or you have a few minutes of downtime, you can pull out your deck and flip through them.

This brings us to our Fifth Power of Positive Affirmations: The Power of an Affirmation Compounds each time you use it. It works the same way as compound interest.

Your Affirmations Card Deck Summery and Next Steps

Here are the 5 Powers of Affirmations

  1. The Power of Writing it Down
  2. The Power of Reading Out Loud
  3. The Power of Repetition
  4. The Power of Keeping it Fresh
  5. The Power of Compounding

If you keep these powers in mind as you learn to develop a positive affirmation habit, they will speed up your progress, help you shift your mindset to a more positive one, and change your life in ways you can’t imagine.

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If you want to learn more about positive affirmations use the form below to request your free copy of How to Write and Use Powerful I Am Affirmations. 

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