How Long Does It Take For Positive Affirmations to Work?

Introduction to How Long Does it Take

 How long does it take for positive affirmations to work is one of the most difficult questions to answer accurately because of the number of variables involved? People who ask this question are equating spiritual work with physical work. 

When you have specific measurables and specific inputs like so many of our work-related goals it’s easier to find the answer. 

We asked this question all the time. “How long to fix my broken water pipe?” How long before the pain killer takes effect?” How long before my shift finishes?”

Despite the challenges, we decided to take on the challenge.

We use generous calculations to err on the side of caution.

We didn’t want to overwhelm you and discourage you with the answer.

Watch the video below for a full explanation of my calculations.

Our one warning to you in review our scientific calculations is that they have not yet been independently verified by peer review.

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Watch the full video with slide show and explanations below.

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The first question: How Long Does It Take for Positive Affirmation to Work is disingenuous. The question assumes that positive affirmations are at work in the physical universe. But affirmations are not things. They are thoughts and as such don’t follow the normal physical universe laws.

Instead, we are working in the Quantum multiverse where all possibilities are available to us. 

How quickly positive affirmation will start to work for us depends on our ability to consistently practice, believe, feel and manifest our affirmations.

So truly the better question to ask is:

How long do you (spiritual being that you are) want it to take?

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