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A Guided Meditation for Body Positivity: Connect and Love Your Body

A Guided Meditation for Body Positivity: Introduction

Body Positivity is a struggle for many womenMany women struggle with body image such as:

Unrealistic Beauty Standards: Constant exposure to idealized images of women in media, advertising, and social platforms creates unrealistic standards of beauty. This can lead to feelings of inadequacy and dissatisfaction with one’s body.

Public Criticism: Women frequently face body shaming, where they are criticized for their appearance, weight, or size by peers, family, or strangers.

Diet Culture: The pervasive culture that equates thinness with health and success pressures women to engage in restrictive dieting and unhealthy eating habits.

Fear of Aging: Societal emphasis on youthfulness can make the natural aging process a significant body image challenge for women, leading to anxiety about wrinkles, weight gain, and other physical changes.

Low Self-Esteem: Negative body image often correlates with low self-esteem, affecting overall mental well-being and leading to issues like depression and anxiety.

A guided meditation for body positivity meditation, help women connect with their bodies and foster a positive body image. 

Enjoy This 12 Minute Guided Meditation for Body Positivity

Breathing Technique

This is the breathing technique used in the guided meditation for body positivity.

Now push all of the breath out of your lungs, breathe out through your mouth before pausing to take a deep breath in through your nose to the count of one, two, three and four. Exhale out through your mouth to the count of one, two, three and four. Inhale in through your nose to the count of one, two, three and four. Exhale out through your mouth to the count of one, two, three and four. * (text from the script)

This helps to improve focus, deepen relaxation, fosters mindfulness, and reduces stress and anxiety

Body Awareness

Do you notice any pain or discomfort? Now is the time to adjust yourself before we settle into a deeper state of relaxation. * (text from the script) 

The purpose here to to help relax tension in your body.

Being aware of your body’s sensations can lead to better self-care and body positivity. Thus getting you into better communication with your body.

Listen to Your Body

Your body is so wise. She is constantly communicating with you. You simply must listen. * (text from the script) 

Women have a habit of ignoring their bodies and pushing on despite the body’s protests. 

Abuse and negative messages from authority figures can erode self-esteem. Societal pressures, attempts to stay competitive in the work place, and the desire to encompass traditional roles in the home, mean that many woman struggle with burn out. 

Therefore, getting in tune with and listening to the messages your body is giving you is from mental and spiritual health. 

Using Positive Affirmation for Body Positivity

Repeat after me:

I love and respect my body.

I listen to my body as it guides me to fulfill my needs

I love my body just as it is. * (text from the script) 

Scientific research has proven over and over that using positive affirmations have huge benefits in all major areas of your life. 

One theory behind positive affirmations is self-affirmation theory. According to this theory, affirming what we believe in positive ways helps maintain our sense of self-integrity.

Remember, science supports the power of positive affirmations, but consistent practice is essential for lasting change. 

Journal This Question after Your Meditation

To further improve body positivity journal on this question to deepen your overall experience:

“How did your body feel before and after the meditation?”


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