Goal Planning Step 3 Introduction


My goal planning strategy 3 begins with this important point.

I took a course from Tanya Aliza this year which turned out to be one of my best decision for 2021. Her constant refrain during the course: Done is better than perfect.

Every time I work on something now I hear her voice reminding me, we don’t want perfect. We want done.

If you are a perfectionist and use this as an impediment to getting things done, then before you take another step in the process agree to temporarily suspend that need until after this planning session.

Remember your plan is not set in stone. In fact, the worst possible thing you can do is to declare your goal planning done for the year and never look at it again.

So to start keep in mind these three things.


You will need to review your plan frequently. Set aside a time once a month for a quick review. Schedule it. “What gets scheduled gets done.”


As you review take time to reflect on your progress. Keep it positive what is going well? Where can I adjust? Who can help me with a challenge? What do I need to learn? 


Once you’ve done the review and reflect renew your plan, especially the steps, and adjust your plan accordingly. 

This is part of the process. Renewing and adjusting is not admitting to failure it renewing and adjusting.

Remember this famous quote:

No plan survives first contact with the enemy.

Source:Prussian Field Marshal Helmuth von Moltke

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WRITE Down Your Two Or Three Big Goals

Before you sit to write down your two big goals, you might take a moment to list some of the things you would like to achieve in 2022. (Remember we are focusing on process and growth, rather than results-oriented goals.)

Maybe you will spot a pattern or a way to reframe those things into one or two big goals.

For each goal use a separate piece of paper. (You can create a digital copy later.) Right now work with pencil and paper. Please.

Write out your big goal idea as succinctly as possible. Keep to one or two sentences.

Here is my personal big goal for 2022.

To become a better human being, friend, teacher, and coach by investing heavily in deepening my understanding of Affirmations, gratitude, mindfulness. and meditation in order to help others, as well as myself on our spiritual and personal journey.

My business goal aligns with my personal one.

Your two goals should align too.

The Big Goal Is The First Step.

Now ask yourself if your big goals will grow you in these areas.

1 Positive emotion. Does this goal contribute to experiencing or growing my positive emotions?

2 Engagement  Will this goal fully engage me?

3. Positive relationships.  Will this goal help me build positive relationships?

4 Meaning. Will this goal give me a sense of purpose and meaning in the world and my life?

5. Accomplishment. By achieving this goal will I feel a sense of accomplishment?  What accomplishments am I expecting to achieve my working toward this goal?

(Based on PERMA as related in Flourish: A Visionary New Understanding of Happiness and Well-Being by Martin Seligman)

If your goal ticks off all those buckets then you are ready for the next step.

If it doesn’t tick all those buckets go back and rework the goal till you are satisfied that working with this goal for a year will develop you in all those areas.

Goal Planning Strategy 3 Action Steps.

  Our big goal should intimate us a little. Yet we still feel excited about tackling it.

Goal Planning 3 image of a woJust remember you eat a whole pizza one bite at a time.  

The first thing you need to do is decide on what chunk of that dream are you going to work on first. 

In my example, one of the things I wanted to work on is to extract more out of the books I do read this year. (Rather than focus on a number of books I want to read, (goal-oriented) I want to learn and retain more and to be able to use that information in formulating, posts, articles, exercises, videos, etc.(process-oriented)

Now from that I can break out my steps.

  • watch the Ryan Holiday YouTube video on the subject.
  • search for the suggestions from people I follow online: eg Matt Ragland, Tanya Aliza, and Lewis Howes to name a few.
  • adopt a method that works best for me.
  • apply the method to the first book I read in 2022
  • Review, Reflect and Adjust

Putting a deadline to each step adds a sense of urgency.

Do any of those steps seem difficult?

Now pick out the next area you want to work on.

For me, it might be to research possible courses and workshops in areas I want to work on. Break that out into small steps.

So Big Goal…medium goal.

You might schedule one medium goal per month and list out the steps you need to take to get there. Or you could break your goal into 3-month increments. 


Find out what works best for you.

Goal Planning Strategy 3 Affirmations to Stay the Course.

Goal planning strategy 3 isn’t hard to structure and do. I’ve seen hundreds of more complicated and time consuming plans. 

But you will hit rough spots during the year. This is a given. 

It how you choice to handle those rough spots that will make or break 2022 for you.

Use these affirmations when you run into one of those challenges or when things seem to be going sideways. 

I am encouraged by my steady progress and I am excited by the changes I see in me each and every day.

I am cherishing this journey because I am learning how to overcome obstacles and challenges and forge ahead with my dream.

I am focusing on the process, staying calm, peaceful, patient, and respectful of myself. I am powerful enough to stay on course.

I choose to accept setbacks and failures as teachers showing me where my big growth will come from this year. 

I feel the vital energy of my plan flowing through me every day, urging me on, showing me my pockets of courage and determination.  

I am bigger than this goal. 


I write this down in my journal every day as a reminder.

OMMS Obstacles make me stronger.  

Goal Planning Strategy 3: In conclusion

 I hope you’ve followed along on this journey with me.

Goal planning Strategy 3 isn’t the end of the journey it’s the start.

We’ve learned how to close the door on 2022


Then we looked at our assumptions and broke the template and built a new one.


Today we took time to learn how to develop those two or three big goals and some steps to make sure they will grow us in 2022.

Click here if you’d like to go deeper into developing more well-being in your life through understanding your unique purpose. 

However, right now, you have the tools and the template to design the life you want to live in 2022.

Now all you need to do is get into action.

Once you’ve read through this article let me know if you have any questions.

What was your biggest challenge setting your plan for 2022?

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