Goal Planning Strategy # 1: Close the Door on 2021

Introduction: Goal Planning Strategy # 1 Close the Door on 2021

Goal planning strategy # 1 starts in 2021. (This is the first of a 3 Part Series)

We are notorious for hanging onto things.

“Nick, how do I stop taking my work home with me?” is one of the biggest questions I’ve received from staff and clients over the years.

My answer. Really another question. “Did you visualize closing the door behind you when you left work?” Most people don’ Closing the door on 2021 is basically the same idea except I suggest 3 distinct steps.

1 Review

2. Acknowledge

3. Release and close the door.

And just for added clarity here are nine examples of what people struggle with when they confront goal-setting.

1. Wanting to get your goal-setting perfect

2. Impatience

3. Lack of long term commitment

4. lack of consistency

5. Lack of  clarity

6. Not breaking large goals into small steps

7. Procrastination

8. Setting goals that don’t excite or motivate but are easy to achieve

9. A fear of failure.

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Goal Planning Strategy: Review.

 Our negative bias gets in the way when we start to review past events. We tend to focus on the negative things that have happened during the year and we gloss over our successes. 

Even in times of pandemic, we can always find the things that when well during the year. 

Thanks why I suggest using this simple exercise.

What Went Well in 2021?

It’s is best to do this with pen and paper and keep your work as part of a file or folder as we move through this pain-free way to plan for 2022.


As this question of yourself What Went Well in 2021. Right down your answer and explain either why it went that way or what it meant to you. 

Rinse and repeat the exercise at least 3 times but aim to find at least 5 things that went well. (If you get on a roll just keep going until you run out of steam.)

What we are doing is framing 2021 in a positive light.

To be truthful, you’ve probably listed out in your head everything that went wrong in 2021. We’re just trying to achieve a balance here.

Now we can move on to Acknowledge.

Celebrate the wins. 

Do not add any “ands, ifs, and buts”. Don’t qualify your successes or wins. 


“Small deeds done are better than great deeds planned.”

Strategy # 2: Acknowledge

Hopefully, after doing the What Went Well Exercise above you feel more positive about how your year really went.

But a goal planning strategy that ignores the challenges you faced creates a blind spot for planning out ideas for 2022.

What we want to avoid is a bloodbath of negativity.

Acknowledging where you may have fallen short is valuable information for doing better in 2022. 

So our first objective look is to list out any major goals you had that you didn’t achieve. Keep the list simple. 

For instance, I am falling short of my book reading goal of 50 books. 

That is all that goes on the list.

I didn’t make my 50 books read goal for 2021.

No recriminations or finger-pointing. Stay away from excuses like well 5 of the books I read were over 1200 pages and should be counted as three books each which would put me over my goal.

Just the facts ma’am just the facts.  This list becomes fuel for your 2022 planning sessions.

Add this list to your want went well exercise.

Now the What Made You Grow This Year? Exercise

Thinking about 2021 what events, challenges or barriers led you to grow mental, spiritual, even physically this year.

Again WRITE these down. 

This part of all these strategies We want them out of our heads and onto something physical like a piece of paper or a journal. 

You want an uncluttered mind to tangle the actual planning for 2022.

Remember OMMS.

Obstacles make me stronger.

Now you’ve acknowledged the gaps and goals you didn’t reach. You’ve looked at the obstacles that you may not have completely overcome but which made you stronger. 

Now you are ready for the final step. 

Release and shut the door.


I never lose. Either I win or learn.

Strategy # 3

 The next two parts of our goal planning strategy for 2022 will focus on the new year. 

But before we can move forward we had two final tasks before us.

The first task is to release the year to the field. 

The truth is, unless you let go, unless you forgive yourself, unless you forgive the situation, unless you realize that the situation is over, you cannot move forward. Source: Steve Maraboli

That’s why we did the Review and why we took time to acknowledge the things that happened in the past year.

We really don’t want to drag some of the weight of the last year into our new shiny year.  

As you will see we don’t even want to use the same template as last year. 

My simple process is to hold 2021 in your mind as say this: “I love you, and I release you to the stars.” Repeat it a few times letting float up and away from you. 

Close the Door

Find a quiet space, maybe your meditation spot, or a quiet corner in a nearby park. Find somewhere you won’t be disturbed for a few minutes.

Now do the visualization


What did you think of that? 

In Conclusion: Goal Setting Strategy # 1 Moves You Forward to 2022

While 2021 still has a few weeks to run we have taken the preliminary steps to close out 2021.

We’ve reviewed, in a positive light what went right this year. This sheds light on your wins and perhaps gives you insights into what you want to achieve in 2022.

We’ve acknowledged our challenges and shortfalls objectively. 

We’ve looked at the challenges that brought us growth.

This adds another positive layer over the year.

And we did a visualization exercise to close the door so we don’t unconsciously drag our bad habits and justifications into the new year.

The next step, coming up next week is to create a new template for 2022, instead of using the default template of the past.

What were the biggest things you needed to let go of from 2021?

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