Flourish and Prosper: 3 Activities for a Dynamic New Year

Introduction to Flourish and Prosper

Driver of a car: flourish and prosperTo flourish and prosper, we need to do two things.

  1. We first have to accept ourselves as we are before we can move on to creating and pursuing goals.
  2. Next, we need to set goals that align with our authentic selves. And with the life of our dreams.

The blog post focuses on 20 Positive Affirmations For Achieving goals. Goal setting gets a lot of attention this time of the year.

Next, we have a short guided meditation on self-acceptance, 

Last year we wrote three articles about Goal Planning Strategies. I am providing the links for you. We include our new year visualization exercise that helps you close the door on last year and focus on the new year ahead. 

The articles are a perfect aid if you are goal-setting for 2023.

Just change the years on the article to reflect this year’s dates. 

Now before I go on you might be interested in my Be Inspired page where you will find my Sunday Affirmations each week. Click on the button below and give us a thumbs up to join other Be-Inspired Enthusiasts.

20 Positive Affirmations for Achieving Your Dreams

Creating Your Postive Affirmations Index Cards

The video describes a method of using the affirmtions in the fornm of a card deck. Use the form below to get your copy of the 20 affirmations so you can duplicate this method. 


I Accept Myself: Guided Meditation

Flourish and Prosper Links to Goal Planning Stategies

Next Steps

Step one: Watch the 20 Positive Affirmations Video.

Step Two: Download the affirmations and create your affirmation cards.

See the directions below.


Step Three: Do the ten-minute meditation

Step Four: Review the Goal Setting Strategies from last year. They apply just as well to this year.

The universe wants you to flourish and prosper. When you find your authentic self, and align your goals with your dream, you automatically activate the help of the universe. When the universe aligns with your goals and dreams, the magic begins to happen.

Step 5

Read Flourish by Martin Seligman 

You can use this affirmation to call forth that help.

“I am trusting the universe to deliver to me today all that I need to achieve my goals.

Nick Grimshawe


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