Bounce Back Resiliency Introduction to G.R.I.T

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Bounce back resiliency is a skill or a quality that helps us recover from setbacks and adversity. 

It doesn’t matter what your mindset is, everyone faces upheaval in their life. 

However, saying that; it takes a positive mindset to bounce back.

People who have a negative bias give up more easily on their goals. They are quick to question their motives and reasoning. As a result, they see failure as the end, not the beginning. 

Your ability to bounce back, therefore,  helps you see a job through to success. You are more willing to stay the course and see it through while staying consistent. 

That’s why, when we found this G.R.I.T formula we knew we had to bring it to you right away. 

In the following video, we outline the G.R.I.T, formula and give examples for each one. 


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Transcript of Bounce Back Resiliency? Use G.R.I.T. with Tips

Grit, resilience, persistence, and resolve are all related. They define a person who refuses to give up, even when life doesn’t go their way. This is a powerful skill to have at your disposal because life will inevitably hand you a lot of hardship to deal with.

Maybe you wish you were a little more resilient. If that’s the case, there’s good news. This isn’t something you’re either born with or not. It can be developed. Anyone can learn to bounce back quickly from difficulties and adapt to an ever-changing world.

One way to build the persistence and determination to recover from a negative life event is to follow the G.R.I.T. formula.




Try again

For Bounce Back Resiliency: Express Gratitude

Resilient people don’t take things for granted. They express gratitude for the blessings in their lives. They understand that they’ve had to work hard to get where they are. They’re also grateful for the wonderful people in their lives.

To become more resilient, you should also express gratitude for the challenges life has given you. They are perfect opportunities for growth and learning. The person who goes through life with no hardship doesn’t achieve much. So be grateful for the difficulties you’re forced to overcome because you build more and more resilience with each one.


Our new method is to sit comfortably in a space, any space. seeing that gratitude arises everywhere.

For example, look closely at what you see. Start to consider all the things that had to happen for what you are looking at to be there right now in this instance. I give an example of a vase in the video.

The other method to try is to think about a difficult situation and find all the things you can now be grateful for that difficulty.


Stress is the enemy of bounce-back resiliency. You might have high levels of grit and resolve. Even so, constant stress can break down the strongest of people. That’s why you need to learn to relax from time to time.

Give yourself a break. If you’re working hard, take some time off. You can’t keep your brain or body entirely committed to a high level of activity all of the time. That’s a recipe for burnout. Downtime is when your resilient batteries are recharged.


Schedule time off. As you probably know, what doesn’t get scheduled doesn’t get done.

Another idea, for example, is to take 10-minute breaks each hour and do something different.

Often this is called the Pareto method or the  80/20 Rule.


Do this the next time something in your life threatens your self-control. When life deals you with a setback, don’t respond immediately. Don’t react. Just inhale. Take a deep breath. Close your eyes and calm down. Remind yourself that you’ve been through a lot in your life, and you’ll also get through this.

Take deep breaths and let them out slowly. Remember that we often paint a nightmare scenario in our minds when things rarely turn out that poorly. Calm your thoughts with this deep breathing exercise, and you’ll find more emotional control when you have to deal with one of life’s difficulties.


This breathing method is suggested in the book The Heart of Buddha’s Teaching    by Thich Nhat Hanh

Breathing in I calm my (name the feeling) Breathing out. I take care of my(name the feeling).

Try Again

Bounce back resiliency is all about getting up after you get knocked down. Keep trying. If you fail, so what? Don’t let failure define you. You’re only a failure if you stop trying. Thomas Edison failed more than 1,000 times before he succeeded in inventing the light bulb.

After each failure, he just kept trying.80/29 Rule

“It was a really winding road that took me to all kinds of places. And it was difficult, and discouraging, and demoralizing, and scary, and all the rest. But eventually, I got here. I got exactly where I wanted to be.”

Book Recommendation for Bounce Back Resilency.

by Angela Duckworth

Next Steps for Bounce Back Resiliecy

This G.R.I.T formula for creating Bounce back resiliency works. You have to put it into action. Write it down. Keep it with you. Refer to it frequently. Then follow the steps when life gets you down, and you’ll find yourself bouncing back quickly from any setback.

Thus follows this wonderful upbeat video to help you bounce back.



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