The Beautiful Summer Morning 5-Day Challenge Becoming a Bigger Thinker: Day 5 Taking Inspired Action.

Day 5 Taking Inspired Action

Graphic for Becoming A Bigger thinker Day 5

Walking along the beach, you find an ancient oil lamp in the sand. Without realizing you are reenacting a scene from a child’s fable; you rub the tarnished lamp for a better look.


True to those fables, a genie magically appears! You get three wishes. You wish for the following three things without hesitating to question whether this is happening.


1 – The tastiest meal you have ever eaten

2 – Perfect 20/20 vision

3 – The winning numbers to tonight’s lottery


The words scarcely leave your mouth, and POOF! They are granted.


A lengthy banquet table with the most delicious gourmet food and drink you have ever seen appears before you. With a flourish, the genie presents a set of eyeglasses that will return your vision to perfection. He then passes you a slip of paper with tonight’s winning lottery numbers.

The genie and the lamp disappear, leaving you standing before your fulfilled wishes. But you don’t move. You stand there staring at it for an eternity as you age. You spend your entire life with the fulfillment of your dreams at arm’s reach, but you do nothing. That’s a pretty crazy thought, right?


The thing is, you must eat that meal, put on those glasses, and take those winning numbers to your nearest lottery retailer to purchase a ticket to enjoy those riches.


All your dreams can beat a path to your door, but if you don’t get up, cross the room, and open the door, none of those dreams can be yours.


All the knowledge in the world is powerless without action.


That is why this challenge is designed to get you into action. Sure, you can read the nice words introducing each day’s challenge and nod to yourself in agreement but if you never scroll down and actually do the action, nothing happens.




Scroll down!


It’s day 5. You’re almost done.


Way to go.

Day Five Exercise


Create an action plan for the next month with specific steps and deadlines to move you closer to your big vision.


Monthly Objective
Describe your primary goal or big vision for this month





































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