The Beautiful Summer Morning 5-Day Challenge Becoming a Bigger Thinker: Day 4

Day 4 Cultivating A Growth Mindset

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Here is a simple lesson that explains how growth is essential to thinking and achieving big things.


Look at your life. What skills and beliefs do you currently possess? They have created your “right now” experience. Now, think about what you want for your life that you don’t already have. Why don’t you have these things?


If desire were enough, we would all be fulfilled and happy. You must grow your beliefs and abilities to receive more in life than you have. Otherwise, you will never move above your present reality.


If you don’t consistently lift heavier weights, you’ll never become stronger than you are. The same is true with your mind. Believe that your thinking skills and abilities can grow, and you will see that a bigger life is truly possible. That is the basis of a growth mindset.



Believe that it’s okay if you don’t currently have the tools, resources, and opportunities to achieve your dreams. You can get them. You can grow in whatever way is needed to live your dreams. Don’t see failures or mistakes as holding you back. They are just experiences that reveal your growth potential.


You don’t have to go back to school to acquire this new skill though local colleges and universities now offer many one-offer course to fill your needs. However, for me, the biggest university ever assemble is available to you from your computer keyboard or even your smart phone.


I contend that you can design your own curriculum from the many online learning platforms. My personal favorite and it cost nothing to use is YouTube.


Type in the skill you want to learn browse through the results and save the one that look most appealing to you.


I can’t tell you how much this has been a source of constant growth and expansion for me personally. Lifelong learning is critical for growth and expansion like taking this 5-Day Becoming a Bigger Learner Challenge.   


Below is your day four challenge




Day Four Exercise

Make sure you scroll down for all the exercises. You can click here to download your PDF copy of day 4.


Reflect on a past failure and reframe it as a growth opportunity.


Describe Your Failure

What happened? What expectations did you have? How did it make you feel?



What Lessons Did You Learn?

What did you learn about yourself, your goals, or the world around you?



How Can You Apply These Lessons In The Future?

Think about specific strategies, habits, or mindsets you can adopt. What or who could help you this time?



Rewrite The Story of Your Failure

Focus on the growth aspects. How has this experience contributed to your personal or professional growth? At the end, create a positive affirmation based on your reframed story.



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