The Beautiful Summer Morning 5-Day Self-Growth Challenge: Day 2 Breaking Free From Limits

Day Two

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Do you know the predominant beliefs that are holding you back from achieving all your dreams? Sometimes, ignoring what keeps us from living our best lives is easier than addressing it. That viewpoint in and of itself is a limiting belief.


The most successful people readily admit where and when they must make changes. Then, they take action to do exactly that.


Think about why you have not achieved your most important goals. Were there excuses you made that rationalized your giving up? That’s what limiting beliefs are—excuses such as:


  • “I’m not good/smart/skilled enough.”
  • “I’m too old/too young.”
  • “The time isn’t right.”
  • “I don’t deserve it.”


When successful people encounter these feelings, they stop their thoughts dead in their tracks. Then, they challenge those thoughts with positive affirmations such as “I am achieving my biggest dreams day by day. I am persevering through all challenges knowing my reward is living my best life.”


Repeat this positive affirmation to yourself today as you work on the exercise below. Repetition is the superpower of positive affirmations. I have written extensively on the subject of affirmations. To learn more request a copy of “How to Write and Use Powerful I AM Affirmations.


That powerful affirmation counters the first limiting belief example from above. It instills a deep sense of self-belief and confidence in your abilities.


What limiting belief excuses have you made in your life? For today’s exercise, spend some time reflecting on them.




Day Two Exercise

Write down your top three limiting beliefs and counter them with empowering affirmations. (Click Here to Download Your Own PDF copy for Day Two)




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