The Beautiful Summer Morning 5-Day Challenge Becoming a Bigger Thinker: Day 3

Day 3

You have had a tough day. You can’t wait to get home, crash on your sofa, and watch your favorite TV shows while you doom-scroll mindlessly through social media posts. This routine is your safe place where you feel comfortable and encounter familiar things. You deserve this downtime. There is nothing wrong with this picture.


The problem comes when you never leave this safe, familiar place. The safe zone doesn’t allow for growth. I know that truth first hand. I spend too much of my life in my comfort zone. You must get uncomfortable and move out of your comfort zone to experience new things and create new realities.


If you want to live in a world different from what you currently inhabit, you must expand your belief in what can be. You must stretch your goals past your limiting comfort zone for greater experience.


Your “right now” will always be your “right now” unless you push yourself to grow and change. What goals do you have that you could stretch that would pull you away from your comfortable but limiting life?

Day 3 Exercise (Click Here Download Your PDF For Day Three)


Set one major stretch goal for the next year and outline the first three steps. Give those three steps deadlines.









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