The Beautiful Summer Morning 5-Day Self-Growth Challenge: Day One

Set Your Intention

 Before you begin the first day of your challenge it is a good practice to write down your intention for the Challenge. What would you like to get out of doing the challenge? 

Write down on a piece of paper what you hope to achieve. This intention will help keep you motivated throughout the 5 days.

It doesn’t have to be something huge. Think of  a win you would like to have from taking up the challenge, 

Post it near your computer so you are reminded of it every day

Lesson: What Makes Up Your Comfort Zone


You can’t change something unless you face it. Today you’re going to honestly look at the habits, belief systems and behaviors that make up your comfort zone.


This can be tough. It may not be enjoyable to identify self-imposed limits that keep you safe and comfortable, but don’t allow you to grow. Look for familiar and repetitious habits that keep you stuck in the rut of a good enough but not great reality.


One way to recognize what makes up your comfort zone borders is to think about the things you want that you don’t currently have.


Why don’t you have them? What is holding you back? When you begin to take action in order to make something big happen in your life, what causes feelings of discomfort, uncertainty and anxiety?


This simple practice can help you recognize where your comfort zone ends. Those things that make you uncomfortable are keeping you in your current situation if you don’t engage them. Unless you develop the courage to face them, you can’t achieve the goals that are important to you.


Continue to do the same things and you’ll get the same results. Developing new habits and taking new actions might be uncomfortable, but this is how challenging your comfort zone can spur personal growth and achievement.

Your Challenge for Today

Identify one area of your life where you feel stuck in a comfort zone and set a small, achievable goal that pushes the boundaries of your comfort zone in that area.


Area Of Life You Feel Stuck In Comfort Zone:




Small Goal That Pushes Boundaries of Your Comfort Zone:












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