The Beautiful Summer Morning 5-Day Self-Growth Challenge: Day 5

Lesson for Day 5 How to Celebrate Your Personal Breakthroughs

Imagine that you bravely take a big step outside of your comfort zone. You decide that you are bigger than the feelings of discomfort, uncertainty and anxiety that have kept you from pursuing a particular goal.


You push forward in spite of being uncomfortable … and you succeed!


You accomplish a goal that has escaped you for so many years in the past. What should you do now? How do you ensure that you never forget how embracing discomfort rewarded you in such a big way?


You celebrate.


When you enjoy a big breakthrough in your life, everything changes. You find that you really can create success if you’re just determined enough to push aside negative emotions and habits.


When you celebrate these big victories, you benefit from positive reinforcement. This makes it more likely in the future that you’ll step outside of your comfort zone for personal growth or to pursue a goal.


Your mind recalls the wonderful feelings you had during your celebration the next time you start to feel uncomfortable about something you have to do. Your discomfort drops, your confidence grows, and you improve your chances of success.




Your Challenge for Day 5



Think about the discomfort you may need to face in the coming weeks. Create a reward for successfully navigating it.


Discomfort You May Face This Week:



Reward For Successfully Navigating It:




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