The Beautiful Summer Morning 5-Day Self-Growth Challenge: Day 4

Lesson For Day Four: The Role of Mindfulness

It’s easy to be mindful when everything is going your way, isn’t it?


Mindfulness is being aware. You consciously make an effort to engage your senses so you can take in everything that’s going on around you. You are also aware of your own actions and their results.


When you’re celebrating some wonderful life moment, you definitely want to be mindful. This is a beautiful time. You are taking it all in as completely as you can. You’re absorbing the positive sights, sounds, emotions, feelings and sensations of the moment.


That’s only natural. But do you do this when life isn’t going your way? You probably should. Here’s why.


If you choose to switch off your awareness when you feel uncomfortable, you are choosing to ignore something that’s having a negative impact on your life. You can’t change things that you ignore.


Bravely taking the time to be mindful of uncomfortable moments and what caused them gives you a lot of information. This can properly prepare you in the future for such situations so you can avoid them. If they can’t be avoided, facing them removes a lot of their negative power.


Discomfort is going to come calling. Make no mistake about it. Making yourself aware of all aspects of an uncomfortable situation gives you more control. You might also find that it’s not as uncomfortable as you expect it to be.




Your Challenge for Day 4

Observe your thoughts, emotions, and physical sensations during uncomfortable moments. Become aware of how you physically react to discomfort (or the idea of it).


Uncomfortable Moment:






Physical Sensations








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