The Beautiful Summer Morning 5-Day Self-Growth Challenge: Day 3

Lesson Day 3: The Role of Self-Limiting Beliefs

Sometimes we lie to ourselves. It’s unfortunately true. Something happened to us in our past, sometimes at a very young age, that made us believe something that isn’t correct.


After years of convincing ourselves that this falsehood is true, it becomes a self-limiting belief that keeps us from wonderful experiences and achievements.


Sometimes a belief we have about ourselves is right on the money. It’s as true as true can be. However, that doesn’t mean you are powerless to change the situation. You might not be able to do something right now. If that’s the case, what’s holding you back from acquiring the skills or abilities to be able to do it in the future?


Look at your self-talk. Self-limiting beliefs often start with, “I can’t …”, “I never …”, “I don’t” and “I always …”. These words begin absolute statements that don’t allow any room for change. They keep you stuck in your comfort zone, which is cozy and safe, but which also keeps you from becoming the person you know you can be.


What beliefs do you have, either true or perceived, that are convincing you to stay right where you are rather than courageously take action outside of your comfort zone?




Your Day 3 Challenge

Identify a self-limiting belief that holds you back from pursuing your aspirations. Challenge that belief by finding evidence to the contrary or reframing it positively.


Identify a Self-Limiting Belief That Holds You Back:




Evidence of Reframing:













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