The Beautiful Summer Morning 5-Day Self-Growth Challenge: Day 2

Lesson Day 2: Facing Discomfort

Asking someone out on a date is scary. You are full of uncertainty. What if they say no? For that matter, what if they say yes? If they accept, what do you do? Where do you go? Should you take them out to dinner or lunch, or a movie, go to a concert?


When you hear about some big change coming to your job, your internal stress factory begins producing massive levels of cortisol. This drives up your anxiety and uncertainty. You could find yourself trying to ignore the upcoming change rather than embracing it.


Change will probably happen in some small ways today, and definitely in big ways throughout your life. You can ignore it if you like, but does that make much sense?


If you ignore upcoming changes to your job then you might not get the training you need to perform properly. Before you know it you get a demotion. You blame the company and the changes instead of your inability to respond to them, and your career and mental states suffer.


You are going to encounter uncertainty in your life. Change is inevitable. Just because you are uncertain about what course of action to take doesn’t mean that avoiding it altogether is the right move.


The person that views change and uncertainty as opportunities has a positive mindset. Whether some change or uncertain situation caused them to succeed or fail, they look for any upside they can find.


You should do the same.



Your Day 2 Challenge

Reflect on a recent change or uncertain situation that made you uncomfortable. List three positive outcomes or lessons that emerged from that experience.


Recent Change:



3 Positive Outcomes:











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