Be A River: Lessons in Acceptance

Be A River: Lessons In Acceptance

Be a River: Lessons in Acceptance

Suggested Exercises in Lessons in Acceptanc

As I mention is our talk today about lessons in acceptance I suggested two exercises

Exercise One in Lessons in Acceptance

Think of a time when you finally let go of something you had been struggling against, that you finally let go.

Journal About. 

How did your feel the moment you let go?

Do you remember where you where? 

Do you remember who was with you?

Exercise Two  in Lessons in Acceptance

Journal about something you are struggling with right now.

How could you let it go?

When could you let it go?

What would happen if you did let it go?

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Transcription of the Recording of Be A River: Lessons in Acceptance

Lessons in Acceptance is about two recent stories about acceptance. 

A photo that illustrations Lessons In AcceptanceGood morning, I’m Grimshawe here from Beautiful Summer Morning, and we’re continuing on with our experiment for our Sunday Love newsletter in that I’m doing an audio and I’m including the transcript in the newsletter just to see if it helps. 

If talking, I feel that I can relate better with you when I’m talking directly to you, rather than writing something down and getting you to read it. So again, we’re going to do this for a few times and see if I can get some feedback from people to see what you think of doing the newsletter this way.

So today’s subject is, my title is, Be a River: Lesson in Acceptance, You Release the Pain and Suffering. And I’m going to talk about a couple of stories to illustrate this point, because I think in our, especially in our Western society, we have trouble with acceptance and letting go of things. And we like to hold on to things, even though we know intellectually holding on damages us physically and mentally.

So my first story is about a neighbor who lives, who used to live right next door to us here. And she had to go into a nursing home. And last week, my sister and I went to visit her and have a chat with her I’ve just come back from Panama hadn’t seen her for a while.

I wanted to catch her up on my experiences and just have a chat. And so we went to one of the balconies and there are quite a few balconies in this nursing home, where you can sit outside, it was an okay day so we went out and sat outside, and we were chatting away. And then this person who is 98 years old, still very sharp, but in a wheelchair said something really profound and I thought, wow, we’re always getting lessons the universe is always presenting us with lessons, if we’re listening for them.

And, and I immediately grabbed a hold of what she was saying she was saying that when she finally realized, and it took her a while that she really couldn’t look after herself anymore. Then she released all of that her concerns the idea of letting go of her independence and accepting the situation as it was that she would have to go into a nursing home. And she was talking about how once she did accepted then everything else got easier it was easier to move into the home.

It was easier for her to deal with their situation. And in fact, at this point in her life she was very content with she wasn’t struggling anymore, the acceptance released the struggle or the suffering as Buddha talks about. And one of the things that also noted as she was talking was her gratitude to the fact or for the fact that she still had lots of visitors coming to see us.

Also go and and visit her and she was really thrilled that she still got that and appreciated that she had visitors whereas a lot of the other people, the other residents of the nursing home don’t get any visits. And so as she was talking I could see how she was at peace with her situation. She was in a wheelchair, she can still get around if she uses the, what do you call the walker.

The walker she can get around and do that but most of the time she’s in a wheelchair, and I was watching her, and she’s like a real pro using that wheelchair now and gets around. She is still very cognizant and so she chats with the staff and other people other residents and she goes intense to a lot of the different events and puts in her day. And she talked about that.

And she talked about how she worked to fill her day. And you could hear in her voice that she was relaxed and at peace with her situation. I’m thinking, oh my god, would I have that same ability to accept that situation and it is something that I think a lot of us hold in the background as we’re getting older that oh my god I could end up in a nursing home and there and what we would have to accept in order to feel free.

To not have any suffering attached to it and obviously this lady didn’t have any attachment to that. She was very relaxed, very peaceful, very calm and very forthright with her situation. And I was in awe and admiration for the way she had accepted that situation and we tend to struggle against accepting things.

Lao tzu has a quote I want to read to you. 

And it’s, life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don’t resist them. That only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like. Source Lao Tzu

And I think in the West, we definitely struggle more with this than in the East where it’s really part of the philosophy part of how you grow up is you grow up with a certain amount of acceptance and we tend to fight against acceptance and there’s another Greek scholar Heraclitus who said be like a river and it’s really, really great advice. Flow like a river. Allow things to move around you.

The river doesn’t get mad because it has an obstacle in the way. It just flows around it and that’s really what acceptance. Just imagine how much easier our lives would be if we could be like a river.

And I’m thinking to how I reacted when my website went down my beautiful summer morning got hacked about two and a half years ago, I guess. And we were down for three months. But before then, I was like, Oh my God, what am I going to do? How am I going to live? How am I going to communicate to people? How am I going to share? And it wasn’t until I let go of living without my beautiful summer morning website, which I’ve been using since 2006.

And I realized that I had to let it go. That it was quite possible. I would never see that website up again.

And once I released and accepted, then I entered a state of peace and calm. And then I began to take steps one by one to find a way out to find a different way of communicating. And in the process I found two angels, two friends who I’ve never met who dedicated their time to bringing back the website and it took them three months.

In the process, I also had to let go of about 10 years of content for beautiful summer morning. And again, it was like the universe was testing me to step up and release and accept. Now you’ve accepted this, now you need to accept this and now you need to let go of this, right? But each step of the way brought me closer back to having my website back, which is up and running and running nicely now.

And even though there’s been challenges in between that time and now, it’s been a process of learning to accept. And it’s one of the lessons the universe has been teaching me to accept, to accept, to accept things as they are. And when you do that, you really do release the tension, the suffering, the anxiety, all those things that churn when we are fighting against something.

So this morning is an exercise for our Sunday love and I always like to give some practical thing that you can do to work on it is to think about a time where you did accept and what happened the moment you accepted something. And then I want you to think about something that you’re not accepting right now. There’s something in your life you’re probably fighting against.

Maybe you’re not even conscious that you’re fighting against it and have a look inside and see if you can find that something. We are in a constant learning situation about accepting and letting go. It’s part of our life.

As Lao Tzu says, it’s a series of natural and spontaneous changes that are occurring in our life at all times. So what is it you’re struggling against right now in this moment? And when you find that, take a few moments to journal about it. What is it you’re not accepting? Why are you struggling against it? What would happen if you let it go and see if it might release something within you and allow you to accept that thing and be prepared for the universe to then come back and give you something else.

In his wonderful book, Michael Singer talks about this in The Surrender Experiment, he begins at a lower level of acceptance. And as he gets there, the universe is escalating his acceptance. And he talks about the process of letting go and allowing and surrendering.

And it’s amazing what happens in his life because he lets go. It’s a great book. I’ll put a link to it below.

It’s an Amazon affiliate link. So if you click on it and buy the book, I do get a small commission. And that helps fund beautiful summer morning.

At the very least, it helps fund my coffee budget. So for that, I would be very appreciative. Anyway, think about this.

Think about things you might not be accepting in your life and have an awesome, beautiful Sunday. And remember to always dream big and to live inspired. Thank you.

End of Transcript for Lessons in Acceptance. 

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