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A.C. [Tony] Orvidas

Editors Note: It’s been too long since Beautiful Summer Morning featured a guest post.

Tony Orvidas graciously took up the challenge when I asked him if he would write a guest post for our blog.

I got to know Tony first at Unity London where I served for awhile on the board of directors with his wife Bonnie. 

Later when Tony began his online adventure with Abundance Together we became colleagues.

I’ve also had the honor of house-sitting his pets on two occasions. While I know I helped them out when they wanted to travel, for me it was really like going to a 5-star resort. 

Talking about being responsible for everything in your life isn’t an easy subject to tackle. Tony does a great job explaining this key element in Law of Atraction thinking. 

Please don’t be afraid to ask questions. Use the comment section below. 

Tony’s website Abundance Together features many more articles and information on the topic of Law of Attraction.

Click here to visit Tony’s blog. 

Are You Responsible For Everything That Happens to You?


One of the most interesting concepts related to the Law of Attraction that I have learned to embrace is that I need to take responsibility.

I understand that I am responsible for all of the things that have happened, are happening, and will happen to me. Responsibility for everyone and everything that has come into my life and all of the circumstances and situations that I have encountered and the events in which I have participated.

Nevertheless, there is no blame: No blaming of myself or of others for what has happened to me.

Recently, in my spiritual readings, I encountered this truth again and again.

Abraham-Hicks, Mike Dooley, Catherine Ponder. They all say the same thing. That I am creating/manifesting my reality.

I’m currently re-reading “The Secret” and there again I am told that my mind is shaping my world around me.

“All that we are is a result of what we have thought.” Source: Buddha


Admittedly I found it to be a difficult principle to acknowledge since it went against everything I had ever been taught!

I am creating my own world. C’mon!

But once I accepted it, it was totally life-transforming.

Just the understanding that like attracts like. I attract that which I think about or focus on the most. 

Each thought, word, or deed creates a vibration, which, acting like a magnet, is matched by others of the same or similar frequency. That as I set my intent, the Universe, through Law of Attraction, moves all matter of things [circumstances, people and events] to support me and provide me with that which I have chosen.

Upon being told that after 8 years of terrific results my contract as CEO would not be renewed I started to blame my employer.

Until I admitted that I created the situation, and I then took action to find other opportunities. Resulting in a Director’s position paying significantly more than I had been earning with my former company.

 “…all manifestations begin with a desired end result, which then attracts the right ideas, circumstances, and people onto your path… ” Source: Mike Dooley A BEGINNER’S GUIDE TO THE UNIVERSE


The first time I became aware of the  concept of responsibility I was totaly turned off!

What about people who are raped, robbed, abused, killed? I thought about people who live in horrendous circumstances or are ill or disabled in some way?

Did they choose that?

Well, yes, they created [or more accurately – co-created with others and the Source] all of it. Like I did.

I believe that some of the “situations” in which I found myself I had chosen prior to my birth, in advance of my current journey in time and space.

As I [or should I say my Higher Self?] prepared to don my earth suit for another round of incarnate adventures I had to make choices. 

We are responsible for our choices. 

I choose my parents, place of birth, gender, skin color, ethnicity, disability, and the like.

Just like each one of us has done to provide for the right circumstances for this [out of numerous] earthly experience.

“No matter what the subject is, it is important to understand that there are no victims. There are only co-creators.” Source: Abraham-Hicks THE LAW OF ATTRACTION


You and I are constantly creating.

However, we do so consciously and deliberately, or do we manifest by default? On autopilot?

Most of the time we create by default, without giving much thought to it. Letting things happen the way they have always happened. 

My intent, now that I understand how it all works, is to create my life consciously, since thoughts are things, and I want only the best for myself and others!

Now, the things we create we do not always choose consciously. Often our subconscious is manifesting the opposite of what our conscious, our aware self, wants.


Because we have been programmed from birth. We have developed self-defeating and pre-conceived notions and memes; negative patterns of behavior; limiting beliefs; self-destructive paradigms, mindsets and superstitions; hardwired attitudes and reflexive emotional reactions; unconscious habits and compulsions; automatic conditioning; and false assumptions.

“…The Law of Attraction is forming your entire life experience, and this all-powerful law is doing that through your thoughts.” Source: Rhonda Byrne THE SECRET


So, what do we have to do? Where do we go from here? 

Reprograming ourselves is our biggest challenge. 

We need to pay attention to everything we think, say and do.

Each has consequences and outcomes, so we must make positive choices.

We have to monitor our feelings, since they are an indicator of what we are thinking, the frequency we are on. Our choices must be the ones that are good for us.

Yeah, I know – it sounds Pollyanna-ish.  

Realize that we are on an incredibly brief adventure here on planet earth. What we think of as reality is more like a dream. And the dream we create can be a pleasant one or a nightmare.

It’s our choice.

For some, this can be a very difficult lesson to swallow.

However, once digested and applied, it will make our lives much more enjoyable.

I’m personally working on being responsible, and improving every day.

I hope you are as well.

My wife and my kids can attest to my becoming a more responsible, happier and better person.

So, try to monitor your thoughts, words and actions.

Discard and release the negative ones. Replace them with positive energy. 

Take baby steps! 

Nevertheless, it won’t happen overnight. But you will find your gradual results to be truly rewarding. 

“…the heaviest burdens anyone ever bears are the burdens of his own negative thoughts and words.” Source: Catherine Ponder THE HEALING SECRETS OF THE AGES

Namaste my friend.

© A.C. [Tony] Orvidas

Picture of  A.C. [Tony] Orvidas

A.C. [Tony] Orvidas

Tony Orvidas, our guest blogger for today, has a degree in
Psychology and Sociology, a diploma specializing in Social
Services, and certificates in Long Term Care Management and
Municipal Administration.
He’s also a certified Law Of Attraction Practitioner.
After a long and distinguished career as a Director and
Administrator in Social Services and Seniors Care, he founded
AbundanceTogether, a semi - spiritual online journal and website
Tony is a lifelong student and teacher of spirituality, metaphysics
and abundance manifestation; an experienced mentor, speaker and
trainer; the author of “Using The Law of Attraction” ; and a part-
time motorcycle riding instructor.
Tony and his wife Bonnie reside in a beautiful lakeside village in
Southern Ontario, Canada.

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