Affirmation Practitioners: Avoid These Two Mistakes

Introduction For All Affirmation Practitioners

 When I started this article I was going to target new affirmation practitioners but then I realized that even longtime practitioners could be making these mistakes also. 

Both mistakes: trying to deny negative thoughts when we start to practice affirmations and the problem with consistency which I call the consistency paradox are counter-intuitive. 

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  Below is a video from a Facebook Live that I did recently where I talked about these two mistakes in detail. 

The Positive Affirmations Paradox

Okay, You’ve used my  How to Write and Use Positive I AM Affirmations. You’re all set to start your practice. 

You start off nailing it the first morning by reading your affirmation out loud. Then you take a copy with you, or have a photo on your cell phone,

However, on the way out the door, a negative thought pops up,

You’ve been training yourself to think this way for years so it’s not a surprise.


Now you are an affirmation practitioner. You can’t have negative thoughts. So you immediately try to crush them.  

Therein lies the first trap, if you will.

Practicing affirmations has nothing to do with negative thoughts. 

The job of positive affirmations is to balance out negative thoughts not eliminate them. 

This is the Joe Dispenza quote I mentioned in the video.

Where your attention goes, your energy flows.

Now we accomplish the exact opposite of what we want to do by focusing on a negative thought. 

So just acknowledge the presence of the negative thought but understand you don’t need to interact with it. You just let it go.

Now instead reach for your positive affirmation. 

 You are now balancing the negative and positive energy in your life.

As you become more consistent in your practice you begin to see the change in your life.

Which of course opens you up to the next mistake, the consistency paradox.

Affirmation Practitioners Second Mistake
The Consistency Paradox.

 This is a little easier to work with when you know what to look out for.

As we work with our affirmations and our practice becomes more competent and more confident we start to think about results.

Unfortunately, consistency is invisible.

You can’t see it in the mirror and certainly, consistency can’t be measured day to day,

So we start to think our affirmations are not working. 

We are doing the work so where are the benefits?

It’s hard to see the first glimmers of a more positive attitude and life outlook. 

After all your negative thinking has been going on for years.

Quite often we notice success in retrospect.

As I talk about in the video. You hit a bump in life, something doesn’t work out the way you planned. But instead of your normal negative reaction, you see the opportunity to make a change or develop a solution without even thinking about it.

Only then might it strike you that your actions are not your typical reactions to negative situations, 

Now you see the positive change,

Unfortunately, most people quit before they see the change that is already taking place.

In Closing: How to Avoid These Mistakes.

Forewarned is forearmed. You are now aware of two of the fundamental problems that arise not just as an affirmation practitioner but in almost any situation that involves personal and spiritual growth.

According to research, it can take up to 90 days using an affirmation practice for the results to become visible.

That’s critical. Change is happening but your perceptions haven’t caught up with the change in your mental attitude.

But then one day the clouds get swept away, The sun comes out and that amazing magic reshapes your world without anything visible changing.

Because doing affirmations turns on the light of gratitude.

The old car you hated to drive to work you now appreciate because you aren’t tied up with expensive car payments.

Instead, you’ve created an affirmation about how well you manage your money and how excited you are that your new, fully paid-for, car is on its way to you.

Now you are beyond these two slippery paradoxes. 

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