Affirmation Mantras Introduction.

Affirmation Mantras came about, for me entirely by accident.

A mantra is a phrase repeated over and over again. The idea originated in the Buddhist and Hindu traditions. 

In eastern spiritual practice, a mantra represents the sound of the universe, the famous OM. 

Over has evolved to cover a range of ideas, from the name of God repeated over and over. Hare Krishna, as an example, to a short religious or spiritual text repeated constantly.

Ram Dass unintentionally inspired the idea of marrying positive affirmations to mantras when I did a meditation called: I Am Loving Awareness.

I’ve included the meditation here so you can hear how Ram Dass used the phrase.,


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How to Find Your Special Mantra

 Affirmation Mantras need to be short, easy to remember and repeat easily. Keep the words simple. Use something that you can make your own. As a result, they become engraved in your mind. 

Don’t be afraid to experiment until you find one that “fits” who you are. 

It’s very important, that you don’t try to shoehorn a phrase into your practice just because someone else uses it, or your best friend swears by it.

I tried many different phrases until I settled on “I am loving awareness.” As a result, of experiment your will find the one that is best for you. 

In this section, I give you six suggestions to play around with to create your own mantra in your own unique voice.

  • I am 
  • calm and centered
  • whole and complete
  • filled with loving-kindness
  • in the flow (of the universe) 
  • full of light and I radiate positivity.
  • calm, patient, and at peace.

After doing  the exercise, you will know when you find the right mantra. Without any struggle,   it will pop into your awareness. Pay attention in the next little while to positive quotes and affirmations. This way, you create a library of possible mantras,

Bye the way, let me know your affirmation mantra. Or post it in the comment section here. 

Affirmation Mantras are short positive affirmations starting with I am. The Biggest difference between saying a positive affirmation and using one as a mantra is the intensity of repetition.

What is the benefit of having an affirmation Mantra?


1. As an example,  use a patterned interrupt to help reframe a negative situation into a more positive one.  For instance, you are beginning to feel anxious about making the mortgage payment at the end of the month. This is beginning to consume all your attention, and affect your mood, your productivity, and overall health. Affirmation mantras act like a break forcing you to regulate your breathing as you repeat your mantra. For instance, saying over and over again “I am loving awareness.” You break the anxiety cycle with positive input.

2. You can use them as mindfulness exercises redirecting your mind to stay in the moment. For instance, I use my affirmation mantra as I walk. Saying, “I am loving awareness,” over and over again as I walk prevents my mind from drifting away into the past or future. And if you do drift you can catch yourself and begin the manta again. 

3 Using affirmation mantras sharpens attention and increases focus.

This is a side benefit. The more you use your special phrase you are retaining your brain to focus where you want to focus instead of having it hop around like a grasshopper from one thing to another.

4. They help you keep your balance, and your equanimity. Instead of deploying the lizard brain into a fight or flight response which often causes even more upset. Use instead, your special phrase to shortcut a stimulus-response and give you breathing room for a more rational response. 

In his book, Living Untethered, Michael Singer refers to the mantra, as another level in the mind that is always there ready to jump to your rescue. 

5 Another example, while you are repeating your mantra you crowd out all other thoughts.  As an example, I am loving awareness makes it difficult for you to also be an angry ninja. Science clearly shows that we can only do one thing at a time.

All these ideas, help you live a calmer, more peaceful life with less stress and worry, a great benefit don’t you think?

In Conclusion

 Having your own unique affirmation mantra, gives you one more tool in your arsenal to retrain your brain. 

Afterall, you have spent most of your life allowing your brain to dictate to you. As a result, you need to practice harder to break those old habits.

Seizing the ropes, and deciding to be the creator and master of your life will be like riding a bucking horse. 

But the benefits of living a self-directed life are worth a few spills. 

Using this tool will help you calm your mind and find a deeper joy and purpose in your life. 


© Nick Grimshawe


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