7 Self-Care Benefits for Living an Inspired Life

Introduction to Self Care Benefits

 One of the great fallacies of this time is that we need to put the concerns of others instead of ourselves. That doing anything else is selfish. However, there is a fine line between selfishness and self-care. 

In fact, neglecting self-care brings about the conditions that make limit your ability to truly care for the most important people in your life.

Lack of attention to yourself leads to anxiety, distractibility, anger, and fatigue. You find yourself burning out, unable to find compassion and empathy or the struggles of others.

Having a self-care practice has many benefits and you will see in the video and the seven benefits we talk about below.

Self-care is part of developing your positive mindset. 

Below we’ve also included a self-esteem assessment so you can see if you need to spend more time on your self-care practice. 

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  Below is a video from a Facebook Live that I did recently where I talked about these two mistakes in detail. 

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Experience More Happiness

1. Studies have shown that being a little self-care ensures you’ll spend more time on activities you enjoy and acquire the things you desire the most. If you’re happier, you’re more productive, altruistic, and resilient.

Enjoy Better Health

2. Taking time to exercise, get enough sleep, and eat properly will result in better health. When you’re healthier, you’re better able to care for those around you. You’re also likely to live longer.

Set Healthier Boundaries for Closer Relationships

3. Ensuring that your relationships satisfy your emotional needs is self-care, but it’s also healthy. Others will have a much more difficult time being manipulative or taking advantage of you. The ability to say “no” is important to any relationship.

Able to Spent More Time onf Persoanl and Spiritual Development

4. Taking time away from other obligations to spend on your personal and spiritual growth enables you to become the best possible version of yourself. Development requires time and attention. If you’re never focusing on self-care you won’t find the time to grow. And family and friends won't gain the benefits of your growth.

Enjoy A More Purposeful and Fulfilling Life

5. Spending time on self-care ensures that your life is filled with the people and things that mean the most to you. Creating this type of life requires a consistent focus on oneself. How can you accomplish a big goal in the total absence of personal goals? It’s necessary to withdraw your attention from other things to accomplish something great.  

Be More Dynamic and Interesting to Others

6. People are attracted to others that dictate the circumstances in their lives. Confidence and success are attractive. Who doesn’t admire those that look, feel, and perform their best each day? These qualities can’t be created and maintained if your focus is always on the needs of everyone else.

Be More Dynamic and Interesting to Others

7.  A greater sense of self-reliance comes from practicing self-care. You grow into an understanding of your own self-esteem. This ultimately means that both your family and friends, your community, and your co-workers appreciate you for who you. Your work on self is the gift you give back to everyone around you. 

Self-Care Benefits Conclusion

Self-care is an important part of living an inspired life. Without the benefits that come from indulging your own passions and your own interests, you start to live in the same old every day routine. Your life becomes  constant round of sameness without the newness that comes from self-care.

Taking time out for yourself, developing self-care routines and practices helps your take advantage of all the positibities and opportunities that come your way.

Plus there is no chance of resentment towards the people you think are holding you back.

All these benefits are yours. They open up for you a life of purpose and joy. 

One thing you can do to strengthen your self-care regimen is to create some self-care affirmations to help cement your commitment to your own personal care,

See the link to my Freebie below the video to download a copy of How to Write and Use Powerful I Am Affirmations.

Below there is also a self-esteem assessment you can use to measure your level of self-esteem.

After reading and listening to the video, let me know, in the comment section which one you want to spend more time cultivating.

Self Esteem Assessment

Examine the following statements and indicate to what degree
 you agree with them.


5 – strongly agree  

4 – agree

3 – somewhat agree

2 – disagree

1 – strongly disagree



____   I feel that I have value as a person. I’m equal to others.


____   I have many good and attractive qualities.


____   I take a positive attitude towards myself.


____   Overall, I feel satisfied with myself.


____   I feel I have reasons to be proud of myself.


____   My abilities are on par with others – I can do things well.


____   There are things I appreciate about myself.


____   I am able to say “no” with confidence.


____   I view myself as a leader, rather than a follower.


____   How I feel about myself is more important than what others think about me.


____   I am certain that people who are closest to me like, love, and care about me.


____   I feel my life has purpose and direction.


(Adapted from Rosenberg Self-Esteem Scale)



Calculate your Self-Esteem Assessment Score by adding each rating.


  • 39-55 – Your self-esteem seems solid enough – keep it up.
  • 38-24 – Your self-esteem is seriously low – let’s talk.
  • 23 & below – You’re critically underestimating yourself – let’s work together.

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