Journaling Ideas to Live Your Legendary Life

Poster on Journal ideas These journaling ideas are the fuel to drive your journaling journey.

Do you have a journaling habit?

Have you given up on the idea of journaling?

Why do we journal?

For some, the reasons involves what you’d expect. We use our journals to record our day, remember things, and set out dreams and ambitions.

A journal is where we can be ourselves, recording our thoughts and ideas at the moment. If you use your journal this way, that’s a good thing.

My story with a journal goes back into the dark ages of my youth. I wanted to be a writer. Most writers journaled. Therefore, I need to journal.

However, I wasn’t very consistent.

Not until I read “How to Think Like Leonardo Da Vinci did journaling change my life.

When I understood what journaling did for me, it became a passion.

Did you know a journal could change your life?

Do you want to live that incredible life of your dreams?

Consider these facts:

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The 6 Journaling Ideas

Journaling Ideas # 1: They Get You Where You Want to Go

A Banner on JournalingJournaling is the best solution for laying down what you hope to accomplish. What makes a journal even more powerful is how much it helps you realize those goals. Having a place to be accountable, make plans for the next steps, and even record lessons learned gives you a distinct advantage when realizing those goals.

One journaling idea is that I  have a goal section in my journal. I record my goals. Then I come back often to evaluate how I am doing. If I finish an action, I plan my next step. That way, I can quickly check to see where I am with each goal.

Please do not make it complicated.

Keeping it simple makes it easy to maintain and build consistency, 



Journaling Ideas # 2: You See Your Progress.

Sometimes, progress is not easy to see, especially when trying to make changes in your life. A journal becomes a record of your daily accomplishments, something you can go back over and read to see your progress. These reminders help to keep your enthusiasm up when trying new things. You will find these entries encouraging, especially when pressing on feels difficult.

 When I hit one of those frustrating spots where nothing seems to be working, I go back to my journal. 

I often find reference to past periods of frustration and see that each time the problem passed. I develop a certainty that I am heading in the right direction.


Journaling ideas # 3: You Improve Your Communication Skills

No matter what happens in life, being able to communicate your thoughts and ideas is critical. A journal gives you practice in your writing skills. But even more important is how a journal helps you think and plan out what to communicate. With practice, we are ready to talk about these things with a friend or family member. 

Have you ever had a difficult conversation you need to have with someone? 

A journal allows you to rehearse the conversation and find the pitfalls before they happen.

Journaling ideas like this one makes a huge difference in your life. Instead of avoiding a situation, we find the inspiration we need to tackle the problem. 


Journaling Ideas # 4: You Clear Your Mind

So often, we become caught up in our emotions to the point we cannot accomplish what we need to do. A journal gives you a place to work through these thoughts and feelings so you can process them and even let go of what might otherwise be distracting. 

Learning to let go is a skill journaling teaches. 

Journaling liberates that space between stimulus and response. It gives you time to consider all the consequences and choose the optimal action rather than blindly hitting out.

Remember the story of King Midas. He wished for everything he touched to turn to gold. Perhaps if the king had journaled on his request before he made his wish, he would have worded it a little differently,

Remember when you reacted to a situation and later wanted to turn the clock back and do things differently?

Pro Tip

Take a breath. Haul out the journal. I keep a small pocket notebook with me at all times. 


Journaling Idea # 5: You Improve Your Memory

Have trouble remembering things? A journal is a great place to jot down ideas, plans, schedules, or whatever else you want to remember. 

The best part? 

Writing these things down will help you remember them better without having to go back and read them!

Sometimes this is called a brain dump. 

You put what is percolating in your mind down on paper. 

What are the benefits of doing this?

  1. You free up your mind for better things,
  2. You put the mental clutter on paper, thus reducing needless worry.
  3. Experience clarity,
  4. A healthier outlook. 
Journaling Idea # 6: You Gain Inspiration

Finally, a journal allows you to explore new thoughts. You put together ideas you might not have otherwise. Using your journal to be creative, free-write, or even to page through for ideas, you discover inspiration from all around you.

I dot my journal with inspirational quotes, positive affirmations, unexpected associations, and personal experiences. 

Each day, because of my journaling, I get to live in a magical world surrounded by wonder,

It’s no wonder a journal can lead you toward success! Of course, the key is consistency. Be kind to yourself. Journal. 


Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart.”

For visual learns. This is a shorten version of our Journaling Ideas post

Journaling Ideas Next Steps

These Journaling ideas  are not difficult. Yet many people find they tend to lapse after an initial bout of enthusiasm. Keeping this 6 journaling ideas in mind will help you over the rough spots.

One of the first actions steps to  get started is  buying a journal that fits your temperament.

Find a method, out of the many, that suits your personality and style, 

Stack the habit of journaling on top of a habit you already have. For me Coffee, reading and journaling all go together

See my article; Ten Happiness Habits to Add Gusto to Your Life  


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