Fear Combating Affirmations: Introduction

 Fear combating affirmations are used to retrain the brain away from focusing exclusively on fear and moving it in the direction of fearlessness.

This is a big stretch for the lizard brain that’s spent its whole evolutionary track looking for danger. 

While that’s not bad in itself. Knowing when we face serious harm to ourselves is a very important function of that fight or flight response. But in today’s world where we are safer than ever before in history, we now manufacture nightmare scenarios that create constant unhealthy stress in our lives.

So being able to retrain our brain to understand we are more than capable of handling all kinds of challenging situations should be part of our well-being regimen.

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Below is a video to help bring these fear combating affirmations to life. 

Before We Jump into our Combating Fear Affirmations

 I thought this would be a good place to talk about building an affirmation habit. 

And I get it. Our modern lifestyle seems to eat time for lunch every day.

I know a couple who were focused on building their investments for the retirement of travel and leisure. 

Their Story

Their fear that they would have enough drove them to high levels of stress and anxiety. It also tested their marriage. They often went without to put a little more aside for their retirement.

That fear ate at them, made them ill and the high-level stresses eventually took their toll.  In the end, only one of them survived into retirement with her dreams in tatters.

Affirmation practice, especially one centered on their fear would have helped them alleviate some of the stress and help them live more in the present moment.

So, build a positive affirmation practice…you already have a negative one. 

Build a positive affirmation habit

Positive affirmations are more powerful when they are repeated until they become part of your mindset.

Commit yourself that you will repeat your affirmations out loud, at least three times a day.

Schedule affirmation time in your schedule or set a reminder on your smartphone.

Feel relaxed and happy as you repeat your affirmations. Feel what it will be like when you achieve your goals.

When you focus your attention on what you want to be true in your life, you are much more likely to achieve it.

Align your thoughts, feelings, and actions with your affirmations, so all your energy is flowing to achieving your goals.

Here is an affirmation to help you with that.

I am a powerful manifester for creating the time I need to do those life-giving tasks that are mine to do.

15 Fear Combating Affirmations

 How to use these fear combating affirmations. 

My suggestion is to write out on index cards the affirmations that most appeal to you. I say a minimum of 5 and a maximum of ten. 

Keep them with you. Then when you feel fear creeping in take them out and read through them life flash cards. 

Use them every day.

The Affirmations

  1. I am embracing tranquility and calm while releasing fear, tension, and stress.
  2. I am letting my fears float away on the breeze knowing that I am fully able to overcome any obstacle
  3. I am breathing in strength and I am breathing out fear.
  4. I choose to live fearlessly by trusting to my inner steely strength
  5. I am protected by the universe.
  6. I believe I am living in a safe and secure universe.
  7. I choose to embrace kindness knowing as I do so that it embraces me.
  8. Each day I grow in trust and confidence and move forward without hesitation.
  9. I celebrate my magnificence every single day.
  10. I am singing as the liberty of a fearless life surges through me.
  11. I am empowered every time I push past my fears
  12. I am incredibly resilient, persistent, and bold.
  13. I believe in the power of my positive affirmations to protect and strengthen me.
  14. I now free myself from destructive fears and doubts. (Louise Hay)
  15. I feel safe in the dance of ever-changing life.

Bonus Affirmation for doing your affirmations

I believe in the power of my positive affirmations to protect and strengthen me.

In Conclusion: You are now a Fear Combating Affirmations Warrior

You are now armed against the power of fear to disrupt your life.

You have the magical sword of an Affirmation Warrior.

Your duty is to go out and slay the dragons of fear in your life. Thus making room for the power of positive action to guide you to the life of your dreams. 

By the way, the power of your sword grows exponentially as you use it.

© Nick Grimshawe

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